1. avatar exitonline
  2. avatar The_Martyr
    worst support ever.
  3. avatar No_Ending
    [quote:c47189b6e6="The_Martyr"]worst support ever.[/quote:c47189b6e6]

    Jesus, can anyone ever say anything good on this forum, its always negative, why the hell can people not just support other bands :S
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    there should be a 5th one added
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    Good work Exit!
  4. avatar The_Martyr
    It's a mismatched support slot, that's all.

    Twin Atlantic are a post-hardcore, Biffy Clyro-style band. Exit are a straight-up rock n roll act. There are plenty of more suitable bands that could attract a more suitable crowd.

    Quod erat demonstrandum.
  5. avatar heavyhitter
    The post does say EXIT have augmented their sound so maybe it does match. the stuff on myspace is not a true representation of their new sound. Did your mother never tell you, if ya dont have somethin nice to say, dont say anything at all.
  6. avatar Mr.Coneman
    Because as we all know, people should accept everything as it is, without ever questioning or complaining when they feel something is a bad idea. Oh, please.

    For Christ sake, if he doesn't like the line up, it's his right to express as such.