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    Thinking of changing my strat and thought a wee trade might be a good way to do it...

    Ive got a 2004 USA strat, white with a pearloid pickguard, 1 piece maple neck, alder body, pickups have been customised, and are as follows; N; John Suhr Fletcher Landau, M; Fender Custom Shop Fat 50's, B; Seymour Duncan Hotrails.

    Very versatile setup, but Id prefer something with a rosewood board and a little more original (ive gone back to liking simple pleasures) I would consider any USA strat, especially one of the road worn ones if anyone has one they wanna get rid of. Should be in fairly good condition tho cos mines in great nick!

    if you want pics email me on donkeymagician@hotmail.com
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