1. avatar faux
  2. avatar The enfant terrible
    I love rocky 1. Adrian! Adrian! He doesn't care about the score because he's the only man to go the distance with Creed and Adrian knows how much this means to him because he told her one night when they were in bed together.
  3. avatar faux
    i noticed how much of a transformation Adrian goes through in the movies. At the start when Rocky is macking her in the shop, she can't even look up she's so shy... by the end she has confidence out the wazzooo. I guess the lesson is dating an aging boxer boosts confidence.
  4. avatar Desus
    Nice Cornershop reference. :D
  5. avatar thesacredhearts
    they're playing the belfast festival n'all. id be on for a trip down memory lane if it wasnt 18 quid a ticket!