1. avatar faux
  2. avatar faux
    We now have added support from local livetronica duo Rip Jam. More information to follow.
  3. avatar The_Martyr
    i love that poster.
  4. avatar faux
    well sexy, innit. All credit goes to Michael Murray who does all our designing. PREACH.
  5. avatar spirit of division
  6. avatar Strong Reaction
    what time are the Misaligned Men onstage? Would like to go but gotta work it around crappy Translink.
  7. avatar spirit of division
    Guess 9 / 9.30 tops...?
  8. avatar faux
    yeah. something like that. :)

    Tomorrow night! exciting times... BRING THE NOISE!
  9. avatar faux
    the hour is approaching, prepare yourselves.
  10. avatar The_Martyr
    I'll be there.