1. avatar nugg33

    Does anyone by chance have any spare Biffy tickets for the Belfast gig coming up. Left it too late, big mistake ha. Would be much appreciated.
    pm me or email me at nugg33@gmail.com

  2. avatar 10rapid
    me too actually. didn't realise it had sold out!
  3. avatar thereverb1
    i have a friend selling one dead cheap too
    but he's based up in derry :(
    if anyones interested pm me :D
  4. avatar Fearofthedark
    Argh i know, I was lookin for them to, Coudlnt believe they were sold out. But im now going to zebrahead/bowling for soup concert instead
  5. avatar kevinfreeburn
    still seems to be tickets available for this...
  6. avatar 10rapid
    Thanks for that!
  7. avatar kevinfreeburn
    aye they must've released more tickets or something. there was defo none on ticketmaster the other day, a feww mates were trying to get them
  8. avatar vtecrigsy
    Sorted! Cheers mate.:D
  9. avatar Michael82FFL
    Anyone got a spare ticket?
  10. avatar the_doctor199
    [quote:6ef3474614="Michael82FFL"]Anyone got a spare ticket?[/quote:6ef3474614]

    Still available on [url=http://www.ticketmaster.ie/event/180042D1CDE82AE3?artistid=945148&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=60]Ticketmaster[/url]..
  11. avatar Michael82FFL
    Cheers got sorted