1. avatar kelseymckennamusic
    Hi I am looking to form a Rock band in the Coleraine/Ballymoney/Ballymena Area. Ideally anyone aged 13-19 would be cool.
    I play lead guitar and am looking for a rhythm guitarist, drummer and bassist and most importantly a singer! - I may have a drummer lined up.
    I have played in a few groups before but most of the times people don't take the whole thing serious and it then falls apart due to lack of interest!
    My influences are Metallica, Muse, Rage Aginst The Machine etc. You can probably tell my tastes are varied.
    I think the best way to go would be to start off doing a mixture of both original material and some covers.
    Please get back to me and let me know what you think. I will reply to anyone who answers.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    You can email me at the following email address kguitar55@googlemail.com

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  2. avatar kelseymckennamusic
  3. avatar KnossosApothesis
    Good luck. There are about 4 under 18s here that don't just want to play Kings Of Leon.
  4. avatar EWCraig
    4 too many
  5. avatar kelseymckennamusic
    yeah cant believe it has been this hard to get a wee band going. Most kids my age are only into strumming along with something. I will just keep the faith and hold out hope lol
  6. avatar kelseymckennamusic
  7. avatar museician
    i like rhythm and also love muse , pm me if you still need ppl
  8. avatar kelseymckennamusic
    I have pm u with my msn addy