1. avatar Blue Leo
    im playing with a band now called "paper lanterns" we are a folk rock band led by 2 time all ireland busking champion. we have our own private studio and a seriously good live rehersal space, management, own sound man etc.

    influnces- oasis, manics, tom waits, ryan adams.

    we are baised in belfast (just 5 mins outside of the city centre) and we really need a serious drummer hus willing to reherse twice a week.

    wud be great to hear from you
  2. avatar worsethingshappenatsea
    like that is it haha...GHB

    Btw...new studio...fan-bloody-tastic man, was great last night...good work!
  3. avatar Sticksman
  4. avatar weston!
    I am a serious drummer, up for it if the practise times fit.