1. avatar Cutaways
    Radar in association with BBC Introducing presents...

    [url=http://www.myspace.com/ramspocketradio]RAMS POCKET RADIO[/url]

    Thursday 22nd October

    Doors at 9pm, FREE admission and non-students welcome
    Plenty of drinks promo's as well

  2. avatar comprachio
    Robotnik are great!
  3. avatar drive by fader
    This'll be epic! We'll have tunes new and...current and it'll be great to play with Robotnik and Ram's Pocket Radio fo' shizz.
  4. avatar Desus
    Ah yes. So.............Rams Pocket Radio have pulled this one, but its Escape Act have stepped in! Yeow!!!!!!!!
  5. avatar JTM
  6. avatar Crackity_jones
    Awww, I was planning to go in order to see Rams' again, but Escape Act are a class replacement. New drummer and extra guitarist plus new songs - should be great.
  7. avatar Elms
    Thanks to ATL for keeping a tab on our travels over in Toronto, you can find a bit of a tour diary on their blog here:


    Lots of other press, radio sessions and other stuff to come from our trip once I clear the jet lag.

    Updated poster for next Thursday below!

  8. avatar drive by fader
    We'll be playing a few new songs and generally making this a gig to remember and in order to remember it we must all be there, so...do it!
  9. avatar goatboy
    Awesome stuff.

    I will hopefully be there.
  10. avatar The_Martyr
    I'll be there and not be square, I hope.
  11. avatar Elms
    You can hear a brand new track we recorded as part of a radio session over in Canada on last nights ATL :


    'tis an hour and 10 minutes into the show
  12. avatar drive by fader

    This could well be me by the end of the night...
  13. avatar Desus
    I certainly hope so!
  14. avatar Elms
  15. avatar yodaISgreen
    i look forward to it
  16. avatar olan
    Woo hoo, can't wait. What are the RADAR stage times like these days? I was there last week, and it was awesome, but my concept of time was a little skewed by mr. vodka.
  17. avatar JTM
    Escape Act are on at about 9:30 according to reliable sources, thereafter I don't rightly know.
  18. avatar Desus
    That's not right.

    Radar runs roughly as such

    Escape Act - 10:00-10:30
    Robotnik - 10:45-11:15
    Cutaways - 11:30
  19. avatar JTM
    Oops, sorry! Will be blindingly good crack regardsless.
  20. avatar Desus
    That it will sir.