1. avatar flightstrip
    Hi Fuders,
    Did a wee one off hire of my PA etc there on Sunday and thought id offer my services.so I have pretty much a full band setup to hire as follows:

    Full Mackie/Cerwin Vega/Peavey including powered monitors.
    Shure/Sennheiser/Neumann mics plus wireless AKG wireless Headset mic for drummer(or singing guitarist who likes to wander?!) if required.
    Wireless sennheiser mic also.All mic stands required.
    Peavey bass rig and marshall amps available if required
    Various effects lighting with smoke machines.
    tama shell kit available
    Sound guy included to make sure u sound goooood
    Full dual disc DJ rig also available if required
    Specialist rock/metal DJ Darkprince available at extra cost.NO HIDDEN EXTRAS!
    You'll get all u need baby!

    Available for short notice use.Very sensibly priced considering all u get!

    give me a ring to see if i can help u out....andy 07894 645 881
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  2. avatar darkprince07
    Excellent, I'm sure someone or some band will be glad of your services.
  3. avatar palrub
    thoroughly recommended, i booked Andy kinda last minute for a 21st birthday on sunday there and the sound was perfect, catering for a 5 piece with 3 vocals out front, synth and bass DI'd and ace monitor mix meant we could do our thing with ease. great craic too and very cheap!
  4. avatar flightstrip
    appreciate it guys.cant get that song of yours outta my head,u know the one!oh oh oh oh o oh oh !!:034:
    Get it released dudes.thanks for your kind words and liftin of the gear,enjoyed myself!:026:
  5. avatar flightstrip
    Well done to The Earls Of Enkalon and also the other bands who played at Maddens in Antrim last night.Unfortunately I was gigging myself but I hear the place was stompin!!
    Hear u liked the smoke!!Cough,cough!!
    Any of the bands who played, feel free to contact me if u need a PA etc again.Many thanks Mal+guys
  6. avatar NeverSayDio
    yeah the place was stompin-with me on the mixing desk haha
    cheers Andy
  7. avatar flightstrip
    Stew flew that desk like the Millenium fuckin' Falcon folks!If u need a sound guy or guitarist U could do a lot worse.
    One of the guitarists on Friday night turned up with a Micro Cube(ok,size aint everything...Ladies?!) and Stew made that puppy sound like a freakin Zeppelinesque stack!
    Well done there Stew and Chris and many thanks for your hard work.;)
  8. avatar flightstrip
    PA etc supplied on Sat night rock night at the Coach in Ballymena.Thanks for not melting my gear and hope attendance improves once word gets round Dave.Keep pluggin away.
    If anyone needs a decent PA for buttons give me a buzz.l8rs;)
  9. avatar flightstrip
    Back in NI so carry on!Myself Stew or Chris available to man the decks.
    giz a buzz if interested.:035:
  10. avatar flightstrip
    Updated gear on list.(Got some sweet cerwin vega bass bins)

    (Anyone who requires a soundguy (myself or Stew) at short notice giz a buzz)
  11. avatar Bileofwood

    This rig made me go through puberty backwards, yet Stew's deft handling of the sound still made me sound like Godzilla with Thor's hammer up my ass.
  12. avatar NeverSayDio
    at least it wasn't like Thor with Godzilla up your ass:098:
  13. avatar flightstrip
    [quote:932233f5c3="Bileofwood"]HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    This rig made me go through puberty backwards, yet Stew's deft handling of the sound still made me sound like Godzilla with Thor's hammer up my ass.[/quote:932233f5c3]

    I thank thee your Hubness!I tried the hammer thing but i guess u gotta insert the handle side first,eh?.guess u learn from your mistakes!MEDIC!!!!!
    Big up the Hubris.....now they have Stew wielding the bass can they now acheive the ultimate hubedom?...i think they can.i just heard a dove cry.:045:

    (i may have job for stew this week if u can pass it on.big smile)

    edit:ringin u now dude
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  14. avatar NeverSayDio
    hi Andy i'm here mate.unfortunately i'm completely skint at the minute and on a diet of water only for the next 24 hours so any work coming would be fantastic.
    thanks man
  15. avatar flightstrip
    right peeps,our stews fading away so if u need a sound sound guy (that was deliberate!) get in touch.
    im posting u a pot noodle dude,text me ur address:078:

    edit:im supplying sound for this fridays Rockin at the Rosie gig so fuckin come along and curse with me....bugger,fuck,tits,bum.
    (or curse at me,i dont care)
  16. avatar flightstrip
    bumpity hump....no saturdays available if u need a PA til April but can sort u with a soundguy and provide PA mon-friday+sundays.
    only on here a wee bit so best to text or ring 07894 645 881 (its an O2 number);)
  17. avatar flightstrip
    many thanks to Stew for all ur hard work on thursay nite in the Pavilion.many thanks to the sabateur/gremlin who threw a spanner in the works at the Rosie.the anthrax is in the post!lol.Luckily I had spare desk and amps with me and pulled it off.....just.
    many thanks to Joe (sound engineer and lovely man) for being my extra pair of lugs out there.much appreciated dude.
  18. avatar flightstrip
    Big up the Earls Of Enkalon playin Laverys on Sun 14th.u will be in Stews capable hands.Stew shall be attempting the world record for multitasking in The Rossetta on Fri 26th when he will be flyin the mixin desk,playin bass for the Hubris and attempting to circumcise himself all at once.

    Fuck,that cant be bad!

    Flightstrip 07894 645 881
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  19. avatar flightstrip
    well done to all the bands who played last nite at the Suffolk Inn.Stew did his stuff as per usual even though confronted with minor issues such as no bass amp(ach sure bung it straight into the PA!),a sliding about drumkit(sell u a mat?lol) and many drunken hot teenage rock chicks.i mean wtf,hows a soundguy supposed to concentrate.!!
    i hope they get that radiator re-attached to the wall and the spew cleaned up from the car park...ach sure it gives the birdies a wee treat!mmmm
    well done Stew,thanks for all your hard work as usual.

    Need a good PA,lights and a gr8 soundguy?AND CHEAP TOO!!giz a buzz;)
  20. avatar NeverSayDio
    rock chicks?drunken jailbait:sick: .i was concentrating on the knobs on the mixer-the missus concentrates on the knob in my trousers:098:
    i'm making a flightcase for the mixer-remember-Mackie's don't bounce.
    yes indeed a great night was had by all who attended the gig last night
  21. avatar blistersonmythumbs
    if any bands are looking a P.A. and soundman who knows what he's doing for a reasonable price use this guy seriously. did our sound the other week and we half expected some college dropout who thought they knew everything about music to do an okay job, this guy made us sound about ten times better than we should have though, really knows what he's doing.
  22. avatar flightstrip
  23. avatar flightstrip
    bump beltch....burp
  24. avatar Chi-Lite
    Here mate what sort of a deal could you do me for a straight forward PA hire and set up for a DJ set - no mics or lights, just to bring the PA down and set it up? And what kind of size is it? hold on, it probably says that earlier in the thread, I'll go back and read, give us a wee estimate though will ya?

  25. avatar flightstrip
    edit.sorted.another regular and hopefully satisfied customer!
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  26. avatar Chi-Lite
    Sounds good mate, I'll discuss it with my mate and probably give ye a buzz through the week - good lad
  27. avatar flightstrip
    thatll do mucker.

    Full PA is available for this Friday and Saturday night (due to my own band doing an early gig with the wee PA)

    edit (see below)if u need a rock/metal DJ and dont use our Chris/darkprince u need ur grey matter looked at!yes he may come across as a bit weird and eats nesting robins for brunch but dont let that put u off,he know his stuff.I will rent u a PA at a special rate if u book him(just to get him outta the nuthouse,sorta like mad murdock from the A-team!)book him now,if u dont i hate u and will stamp my feet in a very gay way.
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  28. avatar darkprince07
    Don't forget to ask if they require an alternate (metal/rock/industrial) DJ to the mix....

    I've had emails from Scotland ffs, somehow my ad comes up on google really easy.

    Booked up for the Black Boat (every last Saturday of the month) for the whole year...but still available any other time, apart from this weekend where I'll be headbanging in Wales at Hammerfest.

    Got asked to put in an hour set to RockradioNI aswell....gonna be awesome.


  29. avatar Chi-Lite
    Hahaha, I'm afraid it's very very far from a metal/death/industrial DJ I need! Although maybe just for the discount.....don't think it would go down to well with a bunch of hardcore rare soul fans though. ;)
  30. avatar darkprince07
    I'm working on that aspect Chi Lite, once I have a GRAND collection of my alternate stuff then I'll be starting to collect in other genres (ie soul, jazz, dance, rap, etc) For now I'm sticking with the Rock/Metal side as my collection needs to be upgraded from 8'000 songs to about 10'000.
  31. avatar flightstrip
    lol!DarkPrince aint really a name u associate with a bit a groovy soul,ud need to call yourself something more suitable....any ideas?
    which reminds me,Chris m8 i can pick up that vinyl soon if u want.im sure ur ma's cracking at bloody records takin over the house!

    if anyones interested in buying a huge collection of vinyl,all boxed,a lot of collectables,a lot of cheesie shit too,giz a buzz,also some old decks/mixer in built in flight case.....

    this friday Pa's available if anyone wants it.:025:
  32. avatar flightstrip
    doing sound tonight in the Pavilion and Sunday night in Laverys.Pop along if u can and support local live original music.Hoping to see plenty of Antrimers down on Sunday to support the Earls of Enkalon,big up Mal n the guys.Im topping up the smoke jet machine as i type!i know u like it,suits u sirs!

    Need PA or soundman or both or dumb 80s style smoke machine?giz a call
  33. avatar Chi-Lite
    Here lad is that vinyl decks your selling, or cd ones?
  34. avatar flightstrip
    young fella me laddy boy,i PMd u ref:old fashioned disco stu vinyl decks.
    Just back in ballymena (hey) from doing sound at the Pavilion,4 acts but the one that stood out for me was "Colly Strings",tight as hell and great songs written well and performed brilliantly.fuckin look out for them,if u dont,ur a knob.
    Thanks to Timmi,Carl et al for booking me and im glad ur chuffed wi me work,.a good night!(but in the name of good fuck get a bloody bass amp!lol)Thanks guys

    Need a PA,lights etc and a soundguy?(CHEAP!)giz a buzz:035: :023:
  35. avatar flightstrip
    Earls of Enkalon
    Team Laser Explosive
    Gascan Ruckus

    We're doing PA,sound etc for the above at Laverys Bunker this Sunday 14th.will be good gig with Stew at the controls.I know its Ma's day n all but thats what the mornings for,box a chocs,card n petrol station flowers,maybe lunch.....then get ur ass up to Lav's.Doors open at 8pm ish and its FREE FREE FREE in!U dont get much for free this weather so take advantage.:058:

    EDIT: [b:b215f08dbc] 666Arcane wrote
    "Andy and stew do a fantastic job myself and Scot, Afro Bear promotions and Fraft Fury promotions, would highly recommend their services and yes no doubt we will call on them during our joint venture."[/b:b215f08dbc]

    Thank you guys,appreciate it.These guys organise a gig the way its supposed to be done.I steer any good rockin bands their way.
    See u guys at the next Rockin At The Rosie Gig (Fri 26th March):035:
  36. avatar flightstrip
    er...Earls of Enkalon..have u actually arrived at Laverys yet?Gigs supposed to have started a half bleedin hour ago and u have the flippin drums.Our Stew will be havin puppies!Someone poke em wif a cattleprod please.

    er...no soundcheck then!lol

    god i love Antrim,theyre so laid back

    Have a good one............eventually!:034:
  37. avatar NeverSayDio
    the only other person at the gig not playing in a band last night was me so that's how well the whole operation was organised.drums arrive at 8.40 pm- doors open at 9pm and the Earls have yet to plug in and assemble drumkit.guitars leads not working,fx pedals with dead batteries,keyboard line-out not working.2 bands sitting waiting/wondering what was happening.Gascan Ruckus and Deadlights certainly made up for it and would be well worth another view at another gig-well done guys.
  38. avatar flightstrip
    erm...now might be a good time to post a wee checklist for bands doing similar gigs.Carefully complying with said list will prevent Mr Stews head from exploding thus covering both patrons and musicians with difficult to remove brain matter!

    1.Strings.have recent strings and spares.Check yer batteries and cables work.
    2.Drums.in the name of good fuck have decent heads and a bloody hole in the front of the kick drum.spare sticks and manpons unless u aint sharing stools...oooo..yuk!sweaty bastards!Whoever is supplying the kit for the night please arrive at a sensible hour to allow all bands to soundcheck(Earls,we still love u,lol,ok Stew doesnt just now but he can be brought round by cash,fegs and beer)
    3.Amps.agree with the other bands whose amps are gonna be used and make sure theyre decent.U dont need stacks and stacks but at least a decent sized combo.we will mic em up anyway but wee practice amps dont cut the mustard.A decent bass amp is a must although for wee gigs u can DI into the desk.not ideal but do-able.
    4.Vocalists.You may be subject to public ritual fucking slaughter if u dare cup your hands round the mic,feedback city.dont do it.Stews sharpening his bowie knife as i type!If uv a sore throat get some "Vocalzones" outta the chemist when ur stockin up on rubbers.A pack of each will prob last u a year!Drink water rather than beer,yes its boring but you can get pissed when ur finished.And brush your teeth or gargle Listerine.I dont want my mics smelling like shit!(i do regularly soak the grills in Dettol though!)
    6.Most important of all...Chill the fuck out!have fun,listen to the soundguy and dont get pissed before u go on!

    Sorted:035: :023: :023: :023: :023: :023: :023: :023: :023: :023:
  39. avatar NeverSayDio
    no man i didn't say i didn't like the Earls what i did say (mean) was i dislike organising something that wasn't mine to organise to start with and bands should be better prepared for gigs.20 minutes to 'get it together' without a soundcheck isn't my idea of preparing for a gig.so come on all you guys,"for those about to rock!", make sure ALL your gear is working and at the gig with time to spare as it makes everything so much easier all round.'up the earls' and i hope Mal's voice is back to normal for their next show
  40. avatar flightstrip
    lol,big up the Stewster.If u book him,he will come!:045:
  41. avatar flightstrip
    RAWK NIGHT tomorrow at the Shadow Rooms,Larne.Please come along to support the Green party (or just to listen to some rockin tunes!)
    I shall be helping the environment by arriving in my 65 mpg PA'mobile and not washing my hands or flushing the toilet.Come and say hello to me at the controls but dont shake hands unless ud like a sweet disease...

    oh yeah bands...please arrive at a sensible hour!luv yas;)

    (EDIT as outta posts..again! RE.BELOW>
    cheers man,aye its a well odd layout what wi those dumb big pillars etc.dont think id rush back there to be honest as it was a bit stressful,u notice id more grey hairs at the end of the night!?feedback a problem,sound sorta reverberated around,ach im just makin excuses!lol
    i'll let stew do it next time,hes got no hair to turn grey.i'll drop him off and run like fek,call him a week later when hes cooled down!
    thanks to danny and all the bands.was decent turnout.hope it continues.
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  42. avatar The Ronster
    Cheers for doing the sound the other night Andy - I know it wasn't easy!

    We had a great time nonetheless. Don't know that we'd rush back to playing there until they get the place in a decent shape for bands to play though.
  43. avatar flightstrip
    cheers man, and Danny for texting,you're welcome m8.reckon a lot of the problems with the odd shaped room could be sorted by putting the bands the opposite way round,not facing the bar and those big fuck off pillars!the place looks really well but isnt really laid out for full rock type bands.would be class for a DJ/club night as good DJ booth etc.
    thanks again Danny for the business.

    (Cheers Mal from the Earls for ur text,try them vocalzones,i swear by them)
  44. avatar flightstrip
    ROCKIN THE ROSIE at The Rosetta Bar, Belfast on Fri 26 Mar, 2010


    26th Mar 2010

    09:00 pm

    The Rosetta Bar, Belfast
    Midnight Transmission
    Hubris [/b:43d3b205cd]

    Fraft Fury Promotions

    This is the Last ROCKIN THE ROSIE gig from Fraft Fury promotions. Come out and say farewell to the ROCKIN THE ROSIE in style with 4 amazing bands!

    This'll be good.Come and see how our Stew does the sound and also plays bass for the Hubris on the night.he is multi talented indeed!

    Good luck to Scotie for this and thanks for the business,always a very well organised night.
    (though stupid bloody smoke machine is bolloxed!Its just not meant to be!lol)

    See full price list,any enquiries giz a call 07894 645 881
  45. avatar Belfast Night Owl
    Also providing noise at [url=http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Belfast-United-Kingdom/Belfast-Night-Owl/279738580405]Belfast Night Owl[/url] Upstairs @ Ronnie Drew's on Saturday 27 March.

    For all the best rare 60s and 70s soul on 100% black round vinyl!

    We play the soul that you won't hear anywhere else in Belfast!

    (any excuse for a wee mention!)
  46. avatar flightstrip
    Damn straight brother!
    Pick u up at 5pm,take u 2 the venue,set up gear,u do the biz,job done!
    What other PA hirer does that eh!lol

    Try and make it down to Ronnies,will be a good night!;)
  47. avatar flightstrip
    "So Iris you still going to Rockin At The Rosie tomorrow and Ronnie Drews on Saturday night?"

    "Why yes Peter,I believe that sexy beast Flightstrip is providing sound services at a very reasonable price"

    "How can he do that Iris?"

    "Well I subsidise him with my after hours antics if you know what I mean!"

    "Yes you could always suck the chrome off a towbar"

    SHE SUCKS,WE DONT!!Need a PA?Call us 07894 645 881

    (edit:this sunday 28th is available if anyone wants a PA at a reduced rate)
  48. avatar flightstrip
    our stews doin his nut at the mo cos people are movin mics,unpluggin leads and generally messing up his system at the rockin in the rosie gig.someone please buy him a non alcoholic cold drink as hes ridin the motorbike home.bands,please have mercy,dont twist his melons!
    have a good one u guys (in the end)

    (so much for sorting out the wiring hayhem from several weeks ago,who keeps fuckin up the wiring?i'll spank em on their bare botty)
  49. avatar Bileofwood
    Aye, but the sound was fucking brilliant despite that. I was watching him, his eyes and fingers were never off that board. The sound was dead on, against all odds.
  50. avatar flightstrip
    good ol stew!we had to make er...slight adjustments to get sound earlier this afternoon as it was a freakin pile o worms!fuckin wires everywhere.lol.though i think someone from bairds was coming to sort out the PA.hopefully theyll get it done during the week.
    i hope whoever may have damaged any of my mics etc tonight has the good grace to pay up for new ones should it come to that.i'll check em in the morning.
    if anyones hiring stuff...ya break it ,ya bought it!
    Big up them Hubes,see u at my live lounge party.:026:

    oh,ps ..get down to this tomorrow in bangor
    good one hels,and u darkprince badger baiter superstar DJ
  51. avatar NeverSayDio
    the Rosie definitely was rocking last night after a few minor hiccups.it was just a bit of a headmelter when mics for one cab were swapped to another cab and drumkit mics were being used to sing through so my 'mic 1 for 4x12 cab' mysteriously turned to 'stage right vocal mic' list was quickly reassigned.as for rewiring the whole pa system that's another story which makes me think of a Hendrix song 'If Six Was Nine' as Andy will know 'if a six turns out to be nine-just rewire the motherfucker'.it was a good show and anybody who didn't turn up certainly missed spectacular performances from all the bands playing.thanks to Scott for getting it together:109:
  52. avatar flightstrip
    nice one stew.he do the do!i think the rosie should follow the pavilions lead and have the PA amps etc all permanently hard wired so no fucker can mess with it.although i think they may have been trying to do that....but some fucker keeps messing with it!
    well done stew,scotty and all bands.pity i couldnt hang around,was beating my rugrats with a big stick of an evening.

    Running a wee band night?doing a DJ night?need a PA/soundguy at a very reasonable price?who ya gonna call?................;)
  53. avatar flightstrip
  54. avatar flightstrip
    ach for feks sake couldnt even get a beer as it was an all age thing and they put bags over the beer pumps,good night guys,thanks for making me feel really old.VERY WELL ORGANISED!!nice one

    need a PA etc?txt/call me on 07894645881
    usually not available for saturdays but ring to check;)
  55. avatar flightstrip
  56. avatar flightstrip
    whatevers left of my gear after my live lounge is available for hire along with sir stew of the desk and DJ Darkprince(scary)
    Dont risk it for a biscuit:035:

    Andy 07894 645 881 (O2 number)
  57. avatar flightstrip
    Why not pop down to Lavs tomorrow night to see some crackin bands.our stew will be flying the desk.
    A Cryptic promotions event........good luck to Chris and all the bands playing.Please arrive at a sensible hour for soundcheck.ring Chris if unsure........nice one;)
  58. avatar flightstrip
  59. avatar flightstrip
    Stew shall be manning the desk in The Pavilion on Saturday night for The Urges,all the way from Dublin.Pop in and check them out.Also check out some sweet soul at Ronnie Drews on sat night.;)

    need a PA from 600 watts to 4000 watts?
    giz a buzz 07894 645 881 ----andy
  60. avatar flightstrip
    all saturdays and sundays are filled in june as well as a few fridays but if anyones looking a decent PA monday to friday giz a buzz for the keenest rates you'll EVER get.


    cheers to stew for a sterling job at the Pavilion last night (even though the house bass bins were not working)
  61. avatar flightstrip
    it all goooooooooooooooood!!
    have replaced crusty people carrier with big transit van and am getting in loadsa new gear soon
    check out cryptic promotions event at Lavs this fri night with our Stew on the desk

    Need a PA?who ya gonna call?...........ghostbusters?...no .....fekkin Flightstrip innit!

    (The Urges:please get in touch asap)

    Andy 07894 645 881;)
  62. avatar flightstrip
    well fucking done to chris ,stew and all the bands.
    i saw a few familiar faces from my live lounge!!nice one
    thanks to stew for all your hard work;)
  63. avatar flightstrip
    bump this bitch....hey mr drummer from kobi,some chick (note seventies style male chauvanistic reference) is hassling me for your number,i think she wants to bump hips...........

    anyway,need a PA for a rock night etc? who ya gonna call?........thatll be me then! 07894 645 881

    unless u need big rigs of course in which case please go to darren at bairds

    luv u wierdos;)
  64. avatar flightstrip

    doing discounts for monday thru thursday as i cant stand having to watch the girlfriends bloody soaps and it gets me out

    got some spankin new speakers and monitors aplenty.........

    07894 645 881
  65. avatar flightstrip
    please keep an eye out for bill from the hubris sm58,its got a bit of yellow paint round the thin end (ooer missus) though some tealeafs prob painted over that.if u see a suspiciously newly painted for no obvious reason sm58 give me a buzz on this confidential hotline 07894645881

    reward of alcohol for safe recovery

    reward of punch in face for perp

    need a PA?............ye must call me,,,,call me now,all i can say is "feck away aff,wot ye think this is,charity week!"
  66. avatar flightstrip
    bump da fek
  67. avatar flightstrip
  68. avatar flightstrip
  69. avatar flightstrip
  70. avatar flightstrip
    bookings available from mid sept!!sorry no saturdays free til next year and fridays are hit n miss but weekdays/sundays are a goer!please feel free to ring to see if im free;)

    oh yeah...please ring darren at bairds etc first b4 u ring me as i just do it for a bit of fun and ky jelly money!
  71. avatar flightstrip
    ...ok its next year now so i thought id offer my humble services again.im livin up the north coast now but i can defo provide belfast based PA hire via mr baz.
    slight update on gear:
    mackie/yamaha power up to 4k
    cerwin vega bass bins,peavey (black widow tops)
    powered monitors
    mucho top quality mics
    plenty of lights,lasers,smoke machines etc
    gigs can be recorded directly with u getting a cd at the end of the night if required
    4x12s,tama drums,marshall amps and various guitars etc available
    sure giz a buzz if u want to enquire about a gig/date ;)
  72. avatar flightstrip
    'Ok 'Pal',just paws for a minute then rrrrrring Andy on 07894 645 881 or il be payin u a visit,ok 'Chum'?!
  73. avatar flightstrip
    gear specs:
    2x cerwin vega bass 600 watts
    2x peavey black widow tops 700 watts
    2x peavey 15 tops 600 watts

    mackie and yamaha amps 3k-5k
    2 mackie powered monitors 600 watts

    Tama swingstar shell kit if required
    full drum mike kit including D112 bass drum mike and clip ons for rest of kit

    sennhiesser wireless vocal mike
    shure sm58 wireless vocal mike
    akg wireless headset mike

    various sm57s,sm58s and sennhiessers vocal and cab mikes

    various led lighting including pars and effects
    various bulb lighting including pars and effects plus laser and smoke machines

    alesis masterdisc recorder available to record your gig

    2007 ford transit van with built in dvd player and plenty of room for gear.(subject to availability.Driver/roadie included)
    NOT available for self drive

    hire is subject to availability but if im not available i can source other reliable soundguys etc ;)
  74. avatar flightstrip
    did a wee hire for 'Bandoliers' for wedding.would well recommend them.ring bairds or baz etc first before trying me as i just do it for the craic now and again to fund my jelly baby habit!

    Andy 07894 645 881 (o2 number)
  75. avatar flightstrip
    bumpage for new active 18"bass bins.booked most weekends but giz buzz just in case.weekdays usually ok. andy 07894645881
  76. avatar flightstrip
    bump.few free dates
  77. avatar flightstrip
    avaialable now and again.please try bairds,loftsound etc first and give me a buzz if they cant do it
    as I only do it now again for a bit of craic

    rates start at 100 notes for PA,sound,lights,smoke and all that guff
    if the venue has no lift for gear please call someone else! ;-)
  78. avatar flightstrip
    big hairy greek meatball bump.

    now taking bookings again.specialising in weddings,functions and misguided ,bible bashing religious
    services who strangely seem to be all loaded.

    07894645881 andy
  79. avatar vkg
    Hi, do you still do PA hire? Where are you based?
  80. avatar paddyom1ck
    Are you still doing PA and sound man hire?
  81. avatar flightstrip
    Hi guys,
    sorry for delay in replying.Not been here for a while.Aye if im not out gigging myself I would still partake of a little PA hire shenanigans.
    That's me oul mobile number,new one is 07521907373
    Always ring round Bairds etc first before contacting me
  82. avatar flightstrip
    Bastard bump

  83. avatar flightstrip
    cunny bump

    (couple of free Saturdays--enquiries to andy on 07521907373----£10million public liability insurance carried in case
    I drop a speaker on someones head)
  84. avatar flightstrip
    bunny bump
  85. avatar flightstrip
    hump. recent bookings include wedding at drenagh,limavady ...right through to death metal.if you can make noise,we will amplify said racket to your delight.07521907373
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    ballsack bump