1. avatar Deadlights
    I was lucky enough to meet him for the 1st time last Wednesday as he was judging a battle of the bands we were palying in lisburn. What a top top bloke. One of the nicest people you could wish to meet, and he gives great advice! Plus the fact that he loved us can only be a bonus :D

    He lit a cigarette inside the bar without thikning, then had to make a dash for the door to the smoking section. It was hilarious!!
  2. avatar tinpot anto
    Nice one, next time you meet he'll likely have forgotten who you are :-)

  3. avatar Deadlights
    Well he took our phone number, so ill make sure I remind him who I am the the final of the competition haha!
  4. avatar deadonmusic
    [quote:f26ec7b4a5="tinpot anto"]Nice one, next time you meet he'll likely have forgotten who you are :-)


    unless of course you're female in which case next time you meet him you could be the next mrs terri hooley...

  5. avatar Deadlights
    Even better, well be using our new, extremley good looking, female vocalist int he final that he'll also be judging lol!
  6. avatar Deestroyer
    :lol: Or the next ex-Mrs Terri Hooley as he jested outside the Black Box a few weeks ago. I've met him four or five times, had extended conversations with him including a long interview (he can really talk...) but he still never recognizes me. :rolleyes:
    Lovely bloke though.
  7. avatar tinpot anto
    Aye just don't be taking it personally if he blanks you completely he's just really bad for that sort of thing!
  8. avatar Deadlights
    We've been blanked by enough people not to take it to heart