1. avatar SimonC
    Looking to buy a small 5-15W combo or head/cab and have been looking at Blackheart Amps.

    Anyone playing them? Any opinion on them?
  2. avatar BinaryOperator
    I have been lookin into this too.

    Be interested in the opinion of anyone who actually owns one... noisy? reliable?
  3. avatar stevie j
    I have the 5W head.

    It's great, loud and reliable. The valve break up is great.

    Only thing is, there is little clean headroom, it is a reasonable volume AC/DC style crunch or a quietish clean amp
  4. avatar SimonC
  5. avatar stevie j
    I made a 2x12 cab, but have used a variety of 2x12's 1x12's and 4x12s any cab will work and sound good

    Haven't gone direct, although I suppose you could if you had a decent DI for speaker level signal, but it wouldn't sound as good as through a guitar cab