1. avatar GerdaTaro
    In vicinity of Queens and can get to Lemonheads immediately text 07811371092, I can't use my ticket so someone can have it, I'll text the e-booking ref.
  2. avatar comprachio
    This gig was mediocre as hell. Very disappointed that a band could short change their fans by being as half arsed about a gig.
  3. avatar 10rapid
    oh do elaborate. I was disappointed about missing this gig. Your criticism would help!
  4. avatar GerdaTaro
    Seriously? Gutted to have to give the ticket away so interested to know what I missed.
  5. avatar comprachio
    Dando seemed smashed. They didn't bother to soundcheck and the soundman seemed not to care. First few songs sounded muddy and were littered with piercing feedback. Dando's wee solo bit in the middle was too long and too mediocre. They also went on way later than planned cos they brought an unannounced support with them.

    I noticed a lot of people leaving and looking pissed off.

    I am a lemonheads fan but this was ridiculously bad.
  6. avatar boourns
  7. avatar comprachio
    yeah it was. Disgraceful that the band act like that after commanding such a high fee.
  8. avatar bottleofsmoke
    I would imagine it bein a bit more empty next time they play belfast.

    Dando was a disgrace. I heard from someone that he hadn't slept in 3 days. When the band came on it was truly awful. Big squalks of feedback as has been said. And Dando really couldn't be that arsed tryin to sing in tune. Why should he? Afterall, how unimportant are we, the punters who paid a score to listen to this balls?

    The solo bit he done was a step in the right direction, but still nowhere near redeeming himself.

    Ya missed sweet f a gerda.
  9. avatar comprachio
    that solo bit did nowt for me at all. Was sloppy and the guitar sounded too harsh. I'm maybe being harsh though cos i've seen him do stunning acoustic sets loads of times.
  10. avatar belezabaub
    Personally I think it is harsh to say they were shit. There were hiccups with the sound; Evan was having problems with his monitor and said so and was sorted out after the first song. To claim his singing was out of tune is a lie as Drug Buddy was almost album perfect, Bit Part stunning and Alisons Starting to Happen blew my socks off. Great to hear stuff off 'Baby I'm Bored' as well.
    20 snoops to me was a steal, they played at least 18 songs and even took requests and brought a surprise act? I don't think there is a lot more you could ask for.
  11. avatar comprachio
    No one said it was shit...

    The sound 'hiccups' would've been prevented had the band bothered their holes to soundcheck. And the feedback wasn't just the first song either. I agree with whoever said his singing was off - it was flat as hell for many songs. I thought the mix overall was one of the worst I've heard for ANY band ever in the speakeasy.

    As I said, I'm a fan and I've never seen Dando or the Lemonheads play worse than that!