1. avatar spirit of division
  2. avatar himynameissween
    that's insane. tho not very surprising seeing as 'twas the season and all.

    on a similar topic, the council apparently are starting to slap "CANCELLED" stickers over posters, according to a flyposting friend of mine. fine print on the sticker says "this poster has been cancelled by belfast city council", but from far away it just looks like the gig itself is cancelled. i've heard talk of these stickers before, but never seen one til yesterday.

  3. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    that is totally insane. surely the reason they dont want them there is cause the psoters are an 'eyesore'sticking a cancelled sticker over them doesnt take them away. it seems we have a joker on belfast city council.
    dont they realise they are tryin to stop a source of revenue for local businesses which in these times is surely more invited than ever.
  4. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:1f7d9f245d="himynameissween"]on a similar topic, the council apparently are starting to slap "CANCELLED" stickers over posters[/quote:1f7d9f245d]

    I was tempted to stick cancelled stickers over the Tall Ships billboards.
    but I couldn't reach...
  5. avatar himynameissween
    all this has been said before. from what i've read on here, the council just see flyposting as a form of vandalism that makes the city an eyesore. they don't (and probably never will) see the potential revenue that may be generated by local gigs. as far as they're concerned, billboards are the ony legitimate way of advertising, because people pay for the privelege. there have been numerous talks with the council about all this but to no avail.

    thing is, no matter what, posters will go up. they will be torn down/painted over/stickered. the cycle continues.
  6. avatar Orzo

    As previously stated in many threads about this, put a few of these around town, it looks grand and the problem is sorted. But that would be too f**king easy wouldn't it?
  7. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    I don't see how it matters in any case. Surely bands can be a bit more inventive in terms of directing their attention to smaller groups of people as opposed to everyone who walks around belfast city centre, a small percentage of which will notice the poster. It seems like everyone is bitching because they're having their advertising potential taken away. So what? When confronted with a problem, find another solution, as opposed to struggling against the current....ie ridiculously bureaucratic city councils. Obviously "flypostering more" is a bad solution, because it will just end up like an arms race, with the council spending more money paying people to do useless things like paint over gig posters. Either way, complaining about it here probably isn't going to help much....instead time might be better spent coming up with a creative solution.

    Although in saying that, I think the government's approach is pretty retarded, too.
  8. avatar anty2
    Then would it not almost make some kind of sense for all the bands not to play Belfast gigs for a month so they could see a difference in revenue etc?

    No promoters put on Belfast shows in December and see what happens :S
  9. avatar T Entertainment
  10. avatar Michael82FFL
    slap a few flyposters around city hall, it would be quite funny to see the council pasting canceled stickers then :lol:
  11. avatar comprachio
    anyone who goes to gigs will surely be savvy enough to know that most promoters don't do 'cancelled' posters....
  12. avatar spirit of division
    The main point of my post was the increase in costs during July - obviously caused by the 12th yet that's not covered by cancelled stickers or such. I live near the lisburn road and the place was a fecking tip and has been every year I've lived here. That's a fucking eyesore more so than any posters. I think the mess left reflects a hell of a lot worse than some flyposters hitting the town.
    I'm still waiting on getting figures regarding tourism and the economic impact of the 12th and such so we'll see if the extra expense is worth it.

  13. avatar Recycled Alien
    [i:4242be46ef]obviously[/i:4242be46ef] the 12th? Not, say a 10% increase due to schoolkids making a mess, or overtime cover for workers off on holiday? Or a cleanup for anticipated Summer tourists?
  14. avatar my-angel-rocks
    What are the costs for March?
  15. avatar spirit of division
    No idea the figures for March.

    "Obviously"...maybe I'm wrong but it seems mighty suspect.
  16. avatar The Stav
    Na, Pete's right- the whole of the Lisburn Road was a complete shithole for 24 hours over the 12th, as was Donegall Road, Shaftesbury Square and plenty of other parts of Belfast. The amount of rubbish everywhere was insane, not to mention the amount of glass on the roads. And who picks up the tab if your tyres get slashed? Who pays for the damage caused by the bonies?
    Yet the council continue to berate people for putting on non-sectarian music gigs, held indoors by decent folk not doing anyone any harm.
    Fuck em- it's war!!!!
  17. avatar rentaghost
    Every council which runs large events accepts that there is going to ba a massive clean-up cost associated with them.

    The budget Cardiff City Council allocates to clean up after events held in the Millenium stadium is also astounding.
  18. avatar spirit of division
    How much is it ran by the council though? Do the Orange Order contribute any cash / help cleaning up? Same goes for any other event...