1. avatar silvercord
    Hey guys, weve been offered a two year management contract during our trip to England, We've had a read over and everything is spot on, but we are starting to realise we might have to get a Music lawyer to read over the contract. has anyone had any similar experiences, we know that if you join the Musicians Union you can get free legal advice, but we simply want to know the best route to go down, to get this cleared up and signed so its all over and done with and legit, any help would be class
  2. avatar jonnymul
    I would have thought the guys @ Oh Yeah or NIMIC could give you a good steer on the next step.

    good luck...
  3. avatar lincsman
    well done lads
  4. avatar atomike
    Definitely have a chat with the Arts Council or NIMIC. They are really useful when it comes to this kind of thing. There aren't that many music lawyers in NI strangely- and hiring one could be mega expensive. Can I ask who the deal is with?
  5. avatar Danny Lynch
    as atomike will know theres a few dodgy bastards offering seemingly good deals, and all they are is scam artists, so be very careful. unless its a company youve heard of, or has plenty of other bands on their books be sceptical.
    not trying to burst any bubbles, but the varionis and in the name of were both screwed over by the same crook, so be sure to get a third party involved who knows what theyre dealing with

    congrats if its a legit but
  6. avatar TalkShowMan
    If he's available, and you can afford him, Murray Buchanan is probably one of the best music lawyers in the UK you can go for. Based in Glasgow, lovely guy.

    If you're after something a bit cheaper, join the Musician's Union, they offer free legal services such as looking over your contract to make sure you're not being shafted.
  7. avatar edwin mcfee
    I.M.R.O. should be able to help too- [url=http://www.imro.ie/]IMRO[/url]
  8. avatar atomike
  9. avatar T Entertainment
    I second Murray Buchanan (based in Glasgow), NIMIC will refer you to him. I imagine he'd give you a decent rate for a once over on the contract.
    There is no need for your music lawyer to be based in the same city or even land mass.
    If anyone is asking you for any sort of outlay, then it is definitely a scam (or scamola) and should be avoided.
  10. avatar goatboy
    Mike, I know Kelly Munro.

    He used to put on gigs in Whitley Bay and my old band played one for him, supposedly a showcase for his record label. It was the most shambolic thing that I've ever played. His reputation in the North East (where he is from, I think), is fairly shocking.
  11. avatar SweetDickWilly
  12. avatar silvercord
    Really appreciate all the help everyone, and thanks for the PMs we are looking into all of the suggestions:D
  13. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Well done lads.

    A publishing deal is a sweet thing to get, good luck.

    We just had to deal with a music lawyer, im sure sweetdickwilly has pm'd you all the gory details.