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    My first post!
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    if you pay entry is there any guarantee you will actually be entered into the competition?
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    Yes. We only accept the first 60 bands that register and pay the registration fee. Any after that will all registrations will not be accepted. If there is a band that registers, however, does not pay the fee - their spot will be given to the next band that has registered and paid their fee. It is limited to 60 bands as that is the way the heats are set up. And all bands get a good 30 min to play - more in later heats. So you will have three bands per night and one band goes through. Votes are a total of their public vote by fans on the night and the judges technical vote. So it's a good fair way of giving all bands a chance.

    We are doing a wild card draw though for one semi-final place that will be calculated by an on-line vote from media partner urmuzic. If you want more info you can go to their website www.urmuzic.com and the hotel website (a new site is in progress but there is a link to the old site about the hotel) is www.loughernehotel.com. It's great money/prizes and the aim is to offer more than a few quid and a useless medal. That's why we've organised the tour and even possible management contracts. There will be loads of PR around the event so bands will gain from that exposure as well. Hope all this helps and good luck if you do enter!
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    Sounds great.....

    How much is the registration fee I couldn't see it online anywhere?
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    We have registered online today. Will we get an email confirming our postion in the AIBOB as we have only received the paypal receipt up to now?
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    We have received your registration. It can take a few days for PayPal payments to register on the system and emails will be sent out soon after the registration is checked against the payment records. If you just paid - it may be Monday before you receive the email. If you have completed the full registration and payment has been completed - you will reserve your place though automatically. Those who register and haven't paid or maybe are paying by cheque won't have their place reserved until payment is received. If payment is by cheque - place is not reserved until cheque is cleared. If payment is made by PayPal - your position is reserved by date you made the payment. Thanks for registering and best of luck!
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    Just so it is also clear - band members must be 16 or older to register for the competition. It is listed in the T&C of the competition, however; just so it is clear before entry. If a band does accidently register that is too young, registration fees will be returned and their place will become available. Thanks.
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    We can confirm that we now have coverage of the event with the Daily Mirror!! The lucky winners of each qualifying heat will have an interview and their picture placed in the Daily Mirror and we'll have even more coverage for the remaining bands from the quarter-finals on. So HUGE exposure!!

    Also, a PR company in Dublin has been brought in and starts next week in promoting the event as well as ensuring that bands from down south know about it and register. So bands from NI get in there and reserve your place!! They will be pushing radio interviews and lots of other promo for the event and the winning band as well. Good luck to those who have already registered!
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    [quote:f7a2b47bf9="AIBOB"]as having a voting pole for a wild card place in the semi-final[/quote:f7a2b47bf9]

    Bloody foreigners, coming over here, taking our votes...
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    We entered this a few weeks ago and as of yet we still have no conformation of our entry. Yes we got the paypal email confirming payment and yes the 20 sheets have come out of my account. Are we in?? I
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    [quote:87046fa572="MICROLIP"]We entered this a few weeks ago and as of yet we still have no conformation of our entry. Yes we got the paypal email confirming payment and yes the 20 sheets have come out of my account. Are we in?? I[/quote:87046fa572]

    All bands we've received the payment confirmation from paypal have been emailed. There is a bit of a delay in the payment to paypal and when we receive it. So it may take a few days, banking days.

    All bands that have registered have a place 'reserved' waiting on their payment confirmation. So your place should be there. What the band's name and email you registered with and I'll check it for you.

    ....just checked the name 'Microlip' and do have your registration - received on the 14th Aug. So you're signed up. We haven't received confirmation yet from paypal but now I have your details, I'll check with them tomo and email you directly. We've had a spot of bother with them on the payment end and getting us the confirmation names in a timely fashion. If you paid on the 14th though that's not on. Will get it sorted. Sorry for the delay in your confirmation.
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    Thanks for the info,

    Does this mean we can start promoting the 20th Aug? When do you expect to have a final decision? As I'm sure you're aware there are many people asking us for details of the final etc and I'm reluctant to give them the nod when the date set is 'tentative'. By no means a dig at you, but if you could give us an indication of when you may know its locked in that would be great.
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    We're hoping to have the date confirmed in the next week. As soon as it is I will also post it here for you. Any further information or changes, we will also make sure you are advised. Cheers.
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    My first post!
    Hey everybody! I just found out about the AIBOB just now and I'm in a band at the moment I was just wondering if there was any competition for 2010/2011? i.e. the coming year. Appreciate the help. :)
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    So is this on or off or what?
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    There were alot of bad rumours going about in regards to this competition, due to the setup of voting etc, my band unfortunately didnt get through to the semi's due to inability to amass a large enough crowd vote in the quarter finals (because we couldtn't bring enough people to the far reaches of fermanagh, a topic on which B.O.T.B's are severly denounced for and a topic for another time but a necessary evil I suppose).

    It would be very unfortunate for the bands involved in the final if the competition was called off, it is a difficult progression to get this far and hopefully the 'tentative' date becomes a solid one and i'll make the trip to kesh to see the final leg of this quite unfortunate competition. Keep us posted
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    Yeah, is the final on?
    One assumes if it's off all the bands will have their registration fees refunded as the chance to win 3 (or 1) grand was the main reason cited by the promoter to enter.
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    ...we didnt pay a registration fee.
  24. avatar alternation
    Don't know if the bands will have their registration fees refunded if the organisers are finding it difficult to get the cash for the finalists...

    God knows how this will all turn out but it seems that the promoter is hoping it will just go away.

    Ah well...
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    And people wonder why they're told never pay to play...*shrug*
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    Who was the promoter?
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    "Terry my son, this music business lark is going to be a goldmine..."
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    Anyone? Hmmmm?
    Perhaps AIBOB could come on here and explain just what's going on - given that this forum was used to harvest bands and their cash?
    Some bands clearly did pay the dough. If the process isn't being seen to its conclusion, ie: a final with those prizes, what happens to the cash collected?
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    Can't we all just agree not to do these things anymore? It seems to be an almost annually recurring problem.

    Here's [url=http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=37638]1[/url], [url=http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=38031]2[/url] posts from a named organiser with a contact number.
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    Never trust anyone who spells your as ur and music as muzic.
    Thats the lesson I've learned from this episode.
    I'd email a few of those companies as well, see how they like their sponsorship money not being used properly.
  32. avatar T Entertainment
    "Can't we all just agree not to do these things anymore? It seems to be an almost annually recurring problem."

    Fair enough, hippy, but you should stop letting them hawk their tawdry wares on your hate-filled site! It was blatant profiteering from the off - whether or not an actual scam remains to be seen.

    Of course - don't EVER pay to play a gig, and don't ever bother with a battle of the bands, they are ALWAYS more trouble than they're worth.

    As for "our online media partner www.urmuzic.com", would they care to comment? Or someone enlighten us as to who they are?
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    Looking at the bands on the website it looks like the money they took in registration fees was 650quid.
    The sponsoring companies must've put a fair bit in if they thought they had a chance to pay costs + 5grand in prizes.

    Bob@urmuzic.com is the email for the person who sorted out sponsorship

    The Main sponsor was:

    Rea Sound (NI) Ltd
    57 Drum Road,
    Co Tyrone,
    BT80 8QS.

    Cookstown Tel: +44 (0) 28 8676 4059
    Fax: +44 (0) 28 8676 4141
    Dublin Tel: +353 (0) 1 460 1660
    Belfast Tel: +44 (0) 28 9066 6654

    Email: sales (at) reasound.com
    Web: www.reasound.com
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    we were told we'd get our registration fee back.. £25.. some detail or circumstance changed and anyone entered before a certain date etc

    the guy mentioned it to us when we were leaving and replied when asked again via email, but still no returned check

    urmuzic's initial launch in the mandela was a complete flop, that should have been reason enough not to bother with their stupid competition.. let alone all the above obvious ones that go with these things

    suck the back of em urmuzic, hope ye die in a fire
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    So, can anyone identify, with certainty, who the poster AIBOB is? Clearly many people using this site had dealings with him.

    The longer this goes on without a response from same, the worse it looks.
  36. avatar urmuzic
    My first post!
    Hello all. This is urMUZIC.com and rmedia.
    urMUZIC.com, firstly, is a music social networking site that is being built. We had a small 'local' site up for a while at the address urmuzic.com that worked mainly on promoting local acts. We've worked really hard on promoting local music and on getting our bigger social networking site up. For anyone who has tried such an endeavor, it is not easy and slagging us off when we've done so much work for the scene and local bands at no charge, is not right really cool. We understand the frustration on the posts here - and to be honest - we have been very frustrated with the hotel and with the event organizer, Gary Rogerson. So we do understand.

    To our knowledge and per our contract - the event was organized and ran by:
    Gary Rogerson & The Lough Erne Hotel, Kesh

    I won't linger on the subject...but regarding the previous 'launch' - yep a disaster! And why...web spaced, the company hired in to produce the website just didn't do the work they told us they did and put us back over 12mths of time and money. We've been even more determined to get the site up and a great company, No More Art, are now working on the site and it is - finally - near completion. So we've been through the mill with the project ourselves and would never - and have never - been anything but honest, hardworking and wanting to promote NI bands.

    Moving on....regarding the battle of the bands. urMUZIC.com was very simply paid by The Lough Erne Hotel to let them post their stuff off the back of our site. That's it. All we did was upload material supplied and post what we were told. Bands signed-up through the site and the details were simply passed to the hotel.

    rmedia, our sister company, was hired in to film the events. NOTHING more. We helped out a bit with contacting bands for the hotel as most of them were based here and not in kesh but all we did was pass on info. We were paid to film the competition, produce copies for bands and do a compilation dvd. We are still working on some of the material and will have copies of the competition for all the bands soon. The Lough Erne Hotel seems quite happy for all other parties to take the heat for this but it is them who don't care about the bands or other relevant parties at all. The hotel and gary are both quite happy wasting everyone's time, taking the money and getting the exposure but don't want to follow through. We're quite livid with their attitude about it all.

    contact numbers we have and please feel free to contact them as freely as you want:
    gary rogerson - bands would have met him on the night doing MC and making a mess of the votes: 07895290871 / 07980066279
    Lough Erne Hotel - info@loughernehotelkesh.com 028 68631275
    Direct enquiries to: Catherine or new owner Tom Boyd.

    We certainly would not have run any event up at that hole in the wall hotel, miles from nowhere!

    Regarding the competition - Gary was a nightmare to deal with and has not been the most honest with loads of people along the way. He made our job very hard and constantly changed things all the time. He was very disorganized, as was the hotel itself. We can not reach Gary. We have tried to contact the hotel and talked with the management at the time of the semi-final....they assured us that the competition would continue and prize money supplied by the hotel would still stand.

    The hotel has since changed hands again and the new owner, Tom Boyd, has not entered into discourse about the issue with us but to say he is not putting up the £5,000 cash prize. I suggest contacting the hotel itself to complain as Gary is not in the picture any longer and the hotel COULD sort it out if they wanted to. Clearly they do not.

    We hope this isn't held against us as it is NOT and NEVER was our event. Only a Lough Erne Hotel event. We're still chasing the hotel to complete the competition and suggest all those involved do the same. Can't hurt. They are the only ones who can continue the competition so the ones who need hounded.

    We have PUSHED and argued with the new owner for a good week now about keeping this going for the bands involved. We do not think it is any way right that the hotel has pulled out, no matter what gary's part was. The hotel received all the PR from the event, as bands have mentioned - the revenue from sponsorship and events and all at no cost to them as they will not put up the prize. We are trying our best to convince the hotel to move forward with the event - but as it is not our event - we can only do so much. If we were a band, especially a band in the final, we'd be pushing like heck for the hotel to put this final on. We again are pushing - but we're only once small voice. The hotel is WELL aware of the competition and the backlash of not putting the final on. They just don't care. They seem to think that it will be brushed off and they can just ignore us all.

    Contrary to some comments on here, we do NOT want this competition to 'go away'. We've instead been pushing for it to go forward and complete. We've done all we can. We also only just recently were told about the new owner changing his mind = so up till a week or so ago, we thought the date of the 20th was set as well. It is becoming clearer to us that the hotel 'hopes' that we all just 'go away'. We aren't and suggest that the bands don't either.

    Also, there was a full drum kit up there that was given to hotel for sponsorship.....hmmmmm. Bands should ask about that as well as the hotel won't use it....unless they sold it??? ASK THEM about it. It would maybe pay a few quid to the top three bands.

    I hope this clears things up regarding us, who has put on the competition and our small role we were hired in to do. Thanks, urMUZIC.com and rmedia.
  37. avatar T Entertainment
    That's a decent response, fair play for explaining your side.
    The only thing which doesn't make any sense to me is pressurising the hotel's new owners to follow through on this - if they're not legally obliged to, why on earth would they stump up five grand for some unknown local bands? They didn't make the commitment to what is, frankly, a patently retarded idea (ie hosting an 'All Ireland Battle Of The Bands' in a hotel in rural Fermanagh).
    The idea of a businessman stumping up 5 grand in the current (or any other) economic climate, because some bands are kicking up on an internet forum about a non legally binding agreement they thought they had with some other dude who has now done a disappearing act, is laughable.

    I would say bands' chances of getting their registration loot back are around zero, and the chances of the finalists' getting their thousands are less than zero.

    I may be wrong, but if so then the new owner is even stupider than the brainbox who thought this event was a great idea in the first place.

    "They seem to think that it will be brushed off and they can just ignore us all."

    They can and almost certainly will with no effect on their business whatsoever.

    You've all been stroked. End of.

    There are two important lessons to be learnt from this sorry affair, and even though since Fastfude began people have been refusing to listen and going right on ahead and buying those magic beans, for the sake of exercising my fingers I'll repeat them once again:


  38. avatar urmuzic
    Well, I agree with all said there pretty much. We were only there because we were paid to.

    We are only chasing the new owner at the hotel as we were told by the mid-stream management before this guy took over that what events were on their books would have to be followed through with as deposits etc were taken. So this would be just one of those events and treated as such. When we spoke with the hotel in march, at semi-final time, they told us the event would go to the end and the new owner would be responsible for picking up the prize. They gave us the date as well of the 20th august and confirmed the prize would be paid.

    We made sure to check all this as we knew bands wouldn't want to waste more time/money going all the way to that pit for nothing to be offered at the end. So we just don't like being lied to.

    I can appreciate the new owner's point as well, IF he was not aware of the event. That is what is up for discussion. That and their particular bad attitude about it all in that they don't even owe anyone an explanation. That's the worst I think.

    Well, if/when we find out more we will post it here. Sorry to all bands/parties as well. Rubbish all around. Battle of the bands...yes...stay FAR away. Oh, and from gary rogerson. Very far.
  39. avatar MICROLIP
    Right, again i've tried the hotel to no avail. Surely who ever took over the lease would know that this competition was being run to gain exposure for the hotel and that prize money was owed to the 3 final bands! We're probably not gonna see 1p for our combined efforts which we are gonna have to accept. But as we did raise the profile of the hotel for the right reasons, maybe we can highlight the hotel for what it really is! Im thinking that maybe a paper may be interested in the story? Any of the final 3 bands that want to get in contact with me to bang heads and try and at least get something back from it can contact us.
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  40. avatar RedReturned
    Just read some of these posts to see what this was all about.
    That definately does suck, loads of hard work and money put into something for nothing to come of it.
    I would agree with "don't pay to play". Definately don't.

    "But as we did raise the profile of the hotel for the right reasons, maybe we can highlight the hotel for what it really is! Im thinking that maybe a paper may be interested in the story?"

    I'd read that!
  41. avatar martyrocks
    I play with Indigo Fury....Im based in Fermanagh so Im gonna call in and see whats happening. Ill also contact the local paper and see if they'd be interested...it would f**k the "hotel" off no end...Im away at the moment, but when I'm back next week, Ill drop in. Ill keep you posted.
  42. avatar clss_act_00
    I wouldn't go dropping the hotel in it with the local media too quickly, as has already been said it wasn't the current owners who screwed everyone over so maybe hold off before ruining the reputation of their newly acquired business. They shouldn't really suffer for those who came before them, it's tough enough running a business in the current climate.
  43. avatar T Entertainment
    C'mon guys: this isn't a story for any paper. No sane new owner would take on a 5 grand commitment for this. Learn from it and move on, you are wasting your time doing anything else...or knock yourselves out, but really...
  44. avatar martyrocks
    Note to self - never post with a few cheeky pints in you. I went all Roger Cook there!! Ill call in to the hotel, see if I can get speaking to the new guy and when I find out any more Ill let anyone interested know.
  45. avatar thecomeons_2
    surely, it was up to the original promotors/sponsors to set-aside the prizefund? aren't competition holders legally-obliged to set-aside prizefunds should anything happen? isn't it like a bank making a loan and not having the money aside to cover the loss?
  46. avatar fastfude
    "isn't it like a bank making a loan and not having the money aside to cover the loss?"

    The recent collapse of the entire banking system was for this reason, so I guess it's exactly like that :)
  47. avatar T Entertainment
    Honestly - there is no legal redress to be pursued here, and there is no story.
    Just don't do it again! :)