1. avatar reilly

    We scored this awesome wee ska festival! Anybody heard of the bands playing? We know of Bad Manners and Alabama 3 but thats about it!
  2. avatar Alex-Circadian
    YOU FLUKEY BASTARDS! Bad Manners are one of my favourite bands of all time, and I feckin' love Sham 69 and The Beat.

    Say hello to Buster Bloodvessel for me :lol:
  3. avatar swaneeriver
    well done lads :)
  4. avatar Nocarsgo
    Good luck! The Fillers have a surprisingly good rep, but at the end of the day, they're still a cover band.
  5. avatar Desus
    Bottom of the poster 'No Drugs'

    Someone tell Alabama 3! :lol:
  6. avatar silvercord
    actually cannot wait for this!!:D
  7. avatar silvercord
    Leavin in the Mornin with a punk show tomaro night in uxbridge with Savage circle. CANT WAIT!!!
  8. avatar Gurko
    My first post!
    Excellent stuff bais.......
  9. avatar silvercordfan