1. avatar atomike
    can anyone recommend a couple of good fuzz pedals?
  2. avatar thecomeons_2
    i prefer the sound of a fuzz face over a russian big muff
  3. avatar thesacredhearts
    i really like my dirty rat. can get nearly every distortion sound i want out of it. so tweakable. ive a danelectro french toast i don't use that much which is an octave up fuzz. its a bit more erratic, which is great for some things. very trebley though.

    it really depends what kind of fuzz sound you want.
  4. avatar griefhound
    D*A*M fuzz pedals, best there is www.stompboxes.co.uk

    Other good shit would be Earthquaker Devices, all handbuilt by the Black Keys roadie.

    The Way Huge re-issues are meant to be good too, as is the most recent Dunlop Fuzzface.
  5. avatar atomike
    It's that black keys kinda sound I'm interested in, thanks very much for all your suggestions!
  6. avatar Jeebas
    I've been through quite a few fuzz pedals over the last few years looking for Neil Young / Hendrix / Black Keys / J Mascis tones and i've ended up getting rid of most of them and keeping the very first one i bought, an MJM London Fuzz - a great Fuzz Face replica that cleans up when you roll the guitar volume back, sounds really authentic, especially when used with an octave effect.

    Another one I can recommend is the HBE Power Screamer, actually a Tube Screamer clone but with a toggle switch option and bass boost that can give a great Neil Young tweed-on-the-verge-of-death sound.

    I'm waiting on a Pfeiffer Fuzz-O which is a fuzz face with a switchable tychobrae octave clone built in - sounds great on the you-tube demos and isn't too dear for a boutique pedal and also a Skreddy Screwdriver which is supposed to be a Treble booster/Fuzz hybrid. Also, check out the Cornell 1st Fuzz too, it looks great and is built by one of the guys who made the original Dallas Arbiter fuzzes in the 60s.

    Others i've had and rate highly are: Keeley Fuzzhead (very tweekable with internal trimmers), MJM Britbender (ridiculous amounts of gain), Durham Crazy Horse (great voltage sag option), EH Double Muff (great sound for a very reasonable price).

    Good luck!
  7. avatar atomike
    that's brilliant Jeebus! Cheers for the suggestions. I suppose I could take this opportunity to say that I'm looking to start a new band. I'm an experienced singer & guitarist, 22 years old & it's a fuzzy, garage type sound I'm pursuing. I have access to a studio, transport and several other cool instruments including a sitar and an electric church organ to play with. Any takers?
  8. avatar danbastard
    I used to have a Marshall Jackhammer, they were pretty good.
  9. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    i just got a zvex fuzz factory.it is the single most insane pedal i have ever come across.
    words cant describe.
  10. avatar atomike
    I've been watching vids of the zvex fuzz factory and it definitely is insane. It's on the wish list!
  11. avatar thecomeons_2
    ever tried the boss metal zone? you can get fuzz sounds from it if you dial them in right - you can cover most overdrive and distortion sounds with that pedal. pity about the wasps in a jamjar sound you get with everything though. easily sorted with a mod though.
  12. avatar atomike
    haha the metalzone was my 13 year old dream pedal. What sort of mod?
  13. avatar thecomeons_2
    to be honest, after i did the mod(s) on it, i just set it up as an overdrive pedal and never experimented with the sounds in the same way as i did when i first got it.

    the mod got rid of the wasps in jamjar sound and smoothed out the clipping to reduce/alter the distortion.

    i found that upping the bass and adjusting the mids and treble to suit gave me a fuzzy sound that actually replaced the fuzz face in my pedal chain.

    for some weirdness, after i had grown out of distortion units (maybe i just realised the sounds from my amp-of-the-time, a laney aor, were enough), i took to using a pearl octave pedal. i dialed out a lot of the synthy sounds you get on such a unit (three octaves as well as original), you can get some nice flapping sounds akin to a fuzz only different. everybody knows the sounds from an octaver playing single notes, but i liked it for chords.

    send me a pm to remind me to post a link to an mp3 using the octaver pedal.
  14. avatar griefhound
    Black Keys = Green Army Big Muff, or an Earthquaker Hoof. Dan had a Hoof on his board during the last tour.
  15. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:10654334fc="griefhound"]... all handbuilt by the Black Keys roadie ...[/quote:10654334fc]Guess what band was playing here when I just started to read this thread. Spooky.
  16. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
  17. avatar feline1
    I have a Lovetone "Big Cheese". It has a "whey" knob on it, and if you turn that all the "whey" up, it's dead loud, so it is.
  18. avatar donkeymagician
    I could never find a use for the fuzz factory in a live situation , and ive owned 2 on seperate occassions. Liked the fuzz head, seymour duncan tweak fuzz is ok. Funny you mentioned the London Fuzz paul, was thinkin of buying one of those,im heading down more of a blues route, so using sorta clean on the edge of breakup sounds and thought a nice smooth fuzz would be good for solos. Looked class on youtube.

    if your buying new try proguitarshop.com good range of products at good prices with cheap/fast shipping from the US. Video demos of all their pedals too which is a handy resource.
  19. avatar thecomeons_2
    [quote:f660a59686="thecomeons_2"]remind me to post a link to an mp3 using the octaver pedal.[/quote:f660a59686]

    it's the song called "charles" [url=http://www.myspace.com/pintspiller]here[/url]. not sure if both guitars used the octaver or not, but the guitar playing the lead-bits certainly is. it was recorded on an amstrad 4-track in the late '90s and mastered to digital a couple of years ago by myself on the 'puter after my tapes lay in cardboard boxes in garage after garage.