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    Wel guys just curious of what multieffects pedal would be best for recording?

  2. avatar anty2
    heard great things about the line6 x3 pedal, that latest one they have out
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    It depends how you want it to sound. What sounds are you looking for?

    In my experience, recording with multi fx usually doesn't sound as good as with single units, but whatever works, works.

    You might be better to just spend your money on a decent guitar and amp, or a decent distortion stompbox or whatever, as you can always add effects in the computer, or buy stompboxes as you need them.
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    good advice all round. I'd suggest also that you record a 'clean'/totally un-effected track at the same time for each guitar pass,too(assuming your recorder will let you record 2 or more inputs at a time, of course). I'm pretty sure any the units mentioned (and tons more)will give you a 'direct out' or such, maybe called 'dry output, 'pass through' etc. so as you're laying a track, you're getting down both the effected version as well as a pure un-treated one. That way you can easily work with the effects/modeling choices/etc after the track is recorded, as often you'll find that tone could sit better with all the rest of the instruments in a song if only it were a little less/more effected, or you can take it into a totally different direction than originally considered.

    You could then slightly or radically alter the tone if you need to, without re-recording the guitar performance, or feed the clean version through an amp & record what comes out. Also, you'll an un-effected layer can be mixed in a little or a lot, to add clarity, note-definition, etc.

    Good to be aware, though, that even MANY of the $$$ modeling/fx units output a phase-flipped/aka reversed polarity version of your input-- or will on some presets, not on others. Easy workarounds for this, but good to be aware of if you're using effected and 'clean' versions of the same track. If that's gobbletygoo to you, I'd be glad to blather on about what that means & why it can make a blurry puddle of your final mixes.

    I totally agree that the most recent Line 6 stuff just kicks the azz out of anything that's come before(until you get to the really [i:6a6169feef]insanely[/i:6a6169feef] $$$ ones). Sheesh, some of the earlier ones, not just Line 6's, were just....ugh.

    I'm forgettin the various diff ones & diff between the newest Line 6 ones, but have gotten some really useful n' creative sounds. And better yet, have gotten some shockingly good and convincing straight-up 'real amp in a real room' tones, besides being able to take the sound to some really whacked-out, fkd up places :lol: 'cause sometimes that's what the song needs too.

    The cost is always the drag of it... but the less expensive stuff realllly show their shortcomings under close scrutiny, esp. when in a mix with other tracks recorded through the same unit...
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