1. avatar tinpot anto
    That's on the 3rd of June on Feile FM with the lovely Rena.

    Me and Raymie, and maybe Shaz, if she if briefly passing through, will be presenting the radio and stuff along with rena.

    We'll play some musics and everything, they will be soo good you'll wish you were our mate.

    You can be our mate, at least my mate, I don't have a lot of mates, but they're all really nice class people. If you are a really nice class person you can also be my mate. As long as you arent some sort of wab.
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  2. avatar anty2
    fancy playing any of our music?

    [url]http://www.myspace.com/commonbredtrigger[/url] :P
  3. avatar Big Homeless
    Anto what would the frequency of Feile fm be? does it broadcast outside of Belfast?
  4. avatar the*optimist
    103.2 i believe you can do a live stream on your computer aswell!
    Good Luck with the copresenting!
  5. avatar Nocarsgo
    Feile's live stream is


    hope that helps :D
  6. avatar Big Homeless
    why thank you.
  7. avatar Pete
    Sly and the Family Stone, on repeat, for the entire show?? :wink:
  8. avatar tinpot anto
    Much as it pains me that that will not be case, our appearance on Feile FM has been cancelled as the presenter and the station have parted company at very short notice.

    Ah well sure :-)