1. avatar Beau Sooth
    In a collective-type affair (North Belfast based)

    We have some tunes on the go with trumpet, trombone, guitars, banjo, recorders, keys, flute, glock...

    Some bands we like:

    The National, Of Montreal, Broken Social Scene, Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, Sufjan Stevens, Pixies, Deerhoof, REM, Fleet Foxes, Wolf Parade, Smiths, Efterklang, New Pornographers, Modest Mouse, Feist, Sonic Youth....

    We just need a drummer interested in doing something a bit different from the usual rock stuff...

    So if you can play drums and fancy getting involved send me a PM. We practice Tuesday evenings.

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  2. avatar loveisthelaw
    where are you based?
  3. avatar Beau Sooth
  4. avatar Beau Sooth
    Thanks to all those who've contacted me so far. We'll be in touch soon to try to organize a jam/practice. It just takes a bit of sorting first on our end.
  5. avatar lets_get_rocked
    What kina sound are you going for?
    and what style of fem vocals are you looking?
  6. avatar Beau Sooth
    I've added bands we like to the above. Should have put that in the first time...sorry!
  7. avatar Beau Sooth
    Final bump.
  8. avatar Beau Sooth
    Hey little drummer boy?...
  9. avatar Beau Sooth
    So we've had a good few people in touch so far, pretty much 100% just messing us around. There must be someone genuinely interested?
  10. avatar Sticksman
    Have you filled this position yet?
  11. avatar Sticksman
    Sorry just noticed that your post was today i read it as june...oops...Above question still applies....
  12. avatar Beau Sooth
    Ok, so we're still on the look for a drummer to come and jam with us. Any out there?