1. avatar sinead2810
    My first post!
    Hi im 29 and a singer, have been in bands b4 but not for a while, im keen to meet someone who can accompany me singing for possible gigs, preferably someone who can play and sing.No specific genre im into anything from Evanesence to Simon and Garfunkel....if you wanna meet up give me a shout.
  2. avatar unplugged
    sinead give me a shout im after something similar with a female vocal at the minute.

    PM me and we can see what your looking for and if it suits.
  3. avatar auxabattoirs
    Im looking for a female vocalist for my project, but also keen to just meet new musicians / artists. Check out my other posts on this forum and the myspace:
    Do you have a myspace we can check out?

  4. avatar mrganasie
    Hi Sinead

    I'm 33 and live in Ballymoney. I've been playing guitar and bass in original and cover rock bands since I was about 14 and have loads of live and studio experience. I've been looking at setting up some sort of duo playing a similar sort of music range as you've mentioned. I've got a couple of examples of my playing on my myspace page (www.myspace.com/martinshickson) the heavier one is from when I played bass in a metal band and the Cannonball cover is just an example of my acoustic playing.

    Hope to hear from you soon