1. avatar lovemusichateracism
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  2. avatar Chi-Lite
    I thought it was the blue mink song

    Curly black and kinky
    mixed with yellow chinky
    if you lock it all together
    well you got a recipe for a get-along scene

    what a beautiful dream, they can only come true you know, you know.

    Good tune. this looks good also
  3. avatar Stuntman Steve
    tis a very good tune, even the culture club version...and yes even the boyzone version. turn out coffee coloured people by the score :)
  4. avatar venusrollergirl
  5. avatar lovemusichateracism
    time for a wee bump up. This Thursday folks :-)
    Some seriously good bands to check out.
  6. avatar lovemusichateracism
    the marra nite hi
  7. avatar churchwarden
    Anyone got any ideas on stage times?
  8. avatar tank
    sounds lika great night hi! whats the stage times?? :shock: