1. avatar Belfast Head Stores
    My first post!
    Hi guys...sorry for the blatant spamming advert on the forum but we don't do it that often and it may be of relevance.

    Incase you didnt already know Belfast Head Store @ Bassdivision is now Belfast's number 1 alternative culture, lifestyle products and herbal store.

    We stock by far the biggest range of smoking mixes, herbal incense, pipes & bongs, papers, smoking accessories and herbals in Northern Ireland

    Current huge sellers for us include the awesome Magic Silver and Magic Gold blends as well as Smoke and the new stronger Smoke Plus.

    We also have the entire spice range currently in stock including: Spice Silver, Spice Gold, Spice Diamond, Spice Tropical Synergy, Spice Artcic Synergy, Spice Gold Spirit, Yukatan Fire, Genie and Mojo.

    For those who can't make it into our Queen Street store we offer 100% secure transactions on our website via trusted payment processor Worldpay and we currently ship around the world on a daily basis.

    Would love to see you all down in the future.


    Belfast Head Stores
    @ Bassdivision (Record Store & Head Shop)
    31 Queen Street

    Tel 028 90 439159

  2. avatar The Stav
    Does the mojo work?
  3. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    I've said it before and I'll say it again. He who controls the spice, control's the universe.
  4. avatar Belfast Head Stores
    [quote:f45f07fe2b="The Stav"]Does the mojo work?[/quote:f45f07fe2b]

    Yeah the Mojo works very well indeed, Magic is currently outselling all the others by far though.
  5. avatar richar4
    never mind that do you sell crack yes or no?!
  6. avatar silvercord
    [quote:4759976d52="Sir Bob Gelding"]I've said it before and I'll say it again. He who controls the spice, control's the universe.[/quote:4759976d52]

  7. avatar loveisthelaw
    This is what I like to see
  8. avatar Chi-Lite
    Right nuff like, are these herbal smokes any good or wha? For somebody who's a bit old fashioned on the smoke like.

    And what about the oul herbal pills, do yous do any of them?
  9. avatar supersonicsolos
    swear to fuk them hearbal pills make you wanna top your self give them a wide bith ...ps has ne one had the thai grass that came in last week outstandin
  10. avatar Belfast Head Stores
    [quote:e4f19b833a="richar4"]never mind that do you sell crack yes or no?![/quote:e4f19b833a]

    No but we can offer a fair bit of 'Craic' in the shop