1. avatar swaneeriver
    Hi Guys, just confirmed that we are supporting rock metal gods UFO on the 12th June in the spring and airbrake!!

    were are also supporting Irish rock legends 'Taste' on their June Tour and were out in the U.K. with wonderfully mindblowing 'The Answer' in July

    hopefully see a few heads there!

  2. avatar silvercord
    Well done lads
  3. avatar swaneeriver
    cheers guys :)
  4. avatar izzys_return
    fucking awesome! Swanee River and Rock Bottom (they have other songs I know but that song kicks ass) Woooooooo

    Well done stevie, keep her lit!
  5. avatar reilly
    well done guys!! Keep er lit!!!
  6. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Style! See ye up in Lurgan after the UFO gig too!!!
  7. avatar swaneeriver
    too right stevie!! cant wait for that!!
    many tickets sold?

  8. avatar the animal
    Good to hear lads, yous have a great sound and presence, will try and catch the UFO gig for sure