1. avatar lincsman
    we are looking to do this in the next couple of months, anywhere anyone would recommend?
  2. avatar daveshorty
    einstein studios with frankie. best ever.

  3. avatar auxabattoirs
    Im looking to get experience recording, I've set up a small recording facility at my home and would be willing to record you guys for free if I liked you where into and it suited both of us. I have a few guitars, a good midi keyboard, electronic drum setup with really natty drum software
    I have some self produced tracks up on myspace:


    It might be an option

    give me a shout,

  4. avatar luke
    Studio 5 Belfast, Dan Black from Before Machines studio is probably the best value for money in Belfast. www.studio5belfast.com I believe.
  5. avatar finbarmc
    I'd fully second that.

    You'll not meet a nicer guy to work with either.
  6. avatar Declan
    If Newry isn't too far away, check out


    Everything you need to know is on the webpage and there are audio examples on my myspace:


    Wherever you record make sure you visit first and check that:

    1. You will get on ok with the engineer/producer.
    2. You get to hear some of their work.
    3. See the space and the equipment etc...
    4. You know what you are getting for what you are paying.

    I offer a free 1 hour mini pre-production meeting where we can talk about everything to do with the recordings and you get to do the above...and there's no commitment to book at all...

    All contact details/recommendations etc... on the website.

    Good luck,
  7. avatar Malco
    We recorded with Dan there at the weekend and it was great value for money. He's not afraid to tell you if something sounds shite too, which is good.
  8. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Studio 5 is great, Daniel's a lovely guy and he's real easy on the eye.
  9. avatar lincsman
    thanks guys really love fastfude, it's my one stop shop for my music needs lol
  10. avatar Garzo
    Yeah Studio 5. We did some recordings there. Plus it is great value for money.
  11. avatar clss_act_00
    Aw guys, your making an innocent young man blush..

    Totally agree with all Declan's points, it's a really good idea to have a chat about what you want to get out of the recordings, how best to go about it and how your specific needs can be met. Can't go too far wrong really around here if you do your homework, lots of good studios with solid producers/engineers to suit a range of needs

    info@studio5belfast.com if you want to get in touch. Daniel
  12. avatar dubhdavidblack
    Declan makes great points-- everybody get 'em tattooed on your hand! and holy crap-- Daniel Black, meet Dubh David Black up in Portland oregon. Yes it's my real name dammit! I'm stoked to see that there are a ton of places to record in NI. I'm sneaking off to check out yer site and examples mwahaa ... cool stuff, man...I pm'd ya...

    Hey you Yakuzites, does 2DA take outside clients? Anybody looking to record might wanna give ronan yakuza an ask about that-- Phil n' Ro did all the tracking for their new record themselves at 2DA then came out here for me to mix it and etc. Phil did a fkn [b:20778920ae]phenomenal[/b:20778920ae] job... from a mixer-guy's standpoint, maaaaan they gave me tones to work with, for real.

    So def. check out as many places as you can... then book at least two full days, and pay cash when you arrive :D But bear in mind that you will fill [b:20778920ae]every single last second[/b:20778920ae] of however much time you book anywhere. Time, in the Studio Universe, has a tendency to gush through every crack in the floor. I'd mention that in my own stubborn eejit experience that you DON'T want to record and then do 'final' mixing on the same day. Maybe the wee overdub or 2 on a mix day, but you need yourself and your engineer to have well-rested ears to mix.

    Even better if you can spend 2 or more consecutive days tracking and overdubbing, leaving the post-lunch half of a day to do rough, reference mixes. Maybe it'll end up that an off-the-cuff rough mix will be perfect, but usually doing your tracking and coming back a week later to do final mixes will give the best results. That way everybody involved can compare notes on mix ideas, see what they sound like on a 'pod or in the car, etc. Too boomy or thin compared to other recordings you like?, yadda yadda.

    So y'all can walk into mixing day(s) with a list of the good, bad, and ugly. If you feel like it, maybe read this thing I wrote on thumped dot com back in '02, there's a link on the front page to 'Maximizing your Studio Experience'. It might cover some ground you'd be interested in. Man I love talking about recording....[i:20778920ae]drooooling.....[/i:20778920ae]now I'm gonna look up every studio listed in this thread...NI has the talent of a whole continent, at least.

    Of course, there's always the option of FTP'ing the tracks to me for mixing here in Portland :-D
    [size=7:20778920ae]definitely my longest fude post ever... not for long i'd bet[/size:20778920ae]
  13. avatar Stu Make Say Think
    I'd wholeheartedly recommend Start Together studios in the Oh Yeah Centre, I've recorded in there 4 times now I think, always a pleasure.
  14. avatar russell
    Get in touch - [url]http://www.resonate-studio.com/?page_id=24[/url] - I'll put together a package for you when I know what you need.

    All the best,
  15. avatar Komodo Studios (Alwyn)
    Hey dude. My recomendation would be that you check out all the local studios yourself. Every band is different and every producer is different.

    If you want to visit for a chat with no obligation, gimme a call on 02892 688 285. I'll let you hear my recent work and let you be the judge!

    Alternatively, email me a postal adress and I'll send you a couple of CDs...

    Good Luck

    Komodo Studios

    (it's all metal at the mo but we record everything from metal to church choirs!)