1. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Full details can be found here:


    Come check out Thursday night when we (Captain Kennedy) will be playing alongside Cat Malojian, Silvercord and Baz McSherry.
  2. avatar thepostboxtheory
    I would love to go to this if it was about a week later..

    Fucking exams =[
  3. avatar silvercord
    Roll on thursday
  4. avatar Iso9
    LOL @ Magheralin.

    Horrible little dive of a place.

    Fair play tho. Good that somethings happening there for once.
  5. avatar MICROLIP
    We'd love a wee slot at this, if anyone pulls out lads you have my number. Roll on the biscut hour btw, wish we could have got freed up to play that as well!! I'll be there tho with a few other portyupians!
  6. avatar Captain Kennedy
    This kicks off tonight!

    Bus running from Lurgan (Courthouse car park) at 7.30 I believe.