1. avatar xfirefishx
    Heya - just wondering if anyone here has ever been involved in a car scam, i.e. you've advertised your car in Autotrader or online and have been called by someone offering to match you with a buyer but requiring a fee upfront?

    PM me if so. Sellers and scammers get in touch! :)
  2. avatar remaderyan
    Yeah i had this happen a fair few times, some english company.

    The dont tell you that they're going to charge you 65 quid or so before 'matching' you with someone.
    In the end i just hung up on them.

    I think I also had a few people offering to buy it without seeing it, who does this in reality? Wasnt that stupid and told them that the car was gone.

    Even had some bloke agree to buy it but 'didnt have cash' on him so would come back a week later, would I hold the car and not sell it to anyone... foolishly i didnt take a deposit and unsurprisingly didnt hear from him again.

    My Advice for selling cars would be...

    Say you are wanting 4k for it, advertise it at 4300, if they say what will you take for it, ask them to make you an offer, we got an extra 150 for a car by doing that.

    Also take a deposit, if they wont give you one tell them you'll sell it to the first person to put the money in your hand.

  3. avatar boourns