1. avatar imakenoiseinthecorner
    I'm looking for some belfast area people to make a band.
    I'm thinking like prog rock mixed with melodic metal with a bit of break downs and stuff thrown about.
    Pretty much a mix of protest the hero,in flames and escape the fate?
    If you want to add anything, say that you're interested, or know of anyone who would be up for it, give me a shout.
    I'm 19 live in belfast and go to queen's and just want to make something of this summer and next year etc!

    cheers gents
  2. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    hey man ill PM me in two secs. im definitely interested!
  3. avatar Airean
    hey what r ur influences?
    were lookin for a drummer and tryin to get a place to practice in belfast
    we play viking/folk metal so may not be ur thing but check us out
    www.vykrin.webs.com or utube us
  4. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Viking Folk Metal is so hot right now, as is Victorian Britain Death Metal.
  5. avatar KnossosApothesis
    You sir, are a genius.