1. avatar forevertwisted
    Going in to record early summer and had initially wanted to go to Manor Park to get the whole thing done but as money would not allow we are going to a different studio.

    Now the question has come up whether it would be a good idea to possibly get the tracks mixed and mastered in a studio that has a high quality of recordings coming out of it, such as manor park, or is this not worth it?

    We are a metal band, but want a well produced tight sound (as im sure most bands do :lol: )

    Anyone have any opinions or advice on this matter?
  2. avatar TalkShowMan
    It's done this way all the time really, some studios are renowned as tracking facilities, others for mixing, some for the whole shebang. I would have thought Manor Park would fit into the latter category, in that the stuff coming out of Manor Park always sounds well recorded, mixed and mastered.

    With mastering though, I'd say you want to go with the best sound your budget can buy. Because you're dealing with stereo mixes, you can easily email the files to someone halfway round the world if that's who turns out to be best for the job. That person would likely have a facility dedicated to providing the best monitoring, the best equipment, etc.

    Just my tuppence worth.
  3. avatar forevertwisted
    Yeah I hear ya

    Was along the lines of what I was thinking, as the standard sound which comes out of Manor Park has the production values which wer looking for. Must look into more engineers and see what the budget can stretch to