1. avatar Iso9
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  2. avatar Crackity_jones
    Class, Mothboy's new album (if it ever comes out) is superb.
  3. avatar Iso9
    Too right.

    Btw peeps, we're having a 6 month break after July so we can concentrate on shows in different countries for a while...Canada, Germany and England probably. Maybe something in Dublin too.

    So, get your Belfast Bass fix while you can!
  4. avatar Iso9
    Free LP by Mad EP

    Free LP by Mothboy

    Music on the night will be stuff on the dancefloor side of things.

    No more bumps from me Fastfude, promise.
  5. avatar Iso9
    Tonight! Get down early. Should be a busy one!
  6. avatar Iso9
    set times!

    9 - 10 - DJ Acroplane Recordings
    10 - 11 - Nez
    11 - 12 - Mothboy
    12 - 1 - Mad EP
    1 - 1.30ish - Mad EP v Mothboy soundclash
    if there's any time left after that - DJ Acroplane Recordings