1. avatar andyzsp
    wanting to make a start on band bookings for june july and august. il be in touch with some people over the next while who we'd like to get up to play. but feel free to email with bands i may not have heard of or people i miss out/havent thought to ask. im hoping to do a big flyer with all the dates listed so the sooner i can get the summer all planned out the more of june i will be able to include.


    i sometimes have trouble with private messaging on here so best to send email.

    include link to myspace etc.


    join our group on facebook to keep up to date!

  2. avatar clss_act_00
    emailed you there but it "failed permanently"..

    I'll pm instead
  3. avatar jonny is an ambulance
    think you've already got our email but it's

  4. avatar izzys_return
    We're always up for a gig www.myspace.com/tommyshots as you well know lol

    Also check out www.myspace.com/stonecrowtemp <---- they rock!

    Hope your summer runs well dude!

  5. avatar fifthseason
    Hi Andy,

    Email sent.
  6. avatar AliceKonaBand
    hey, email sent!
  7. avatar EmmaUCS

  8. avatar Wookalily
    Visit: www.myspace.com/wookalily