1. avatar 10rapid
    I missed an episode last week...or rather sky plus didn't tape it. all i can get on mininova is german dubbed. Any ideas? I know dick all about these filesharing sites.
  2. avatar thepostboxtheory
    It might be on bbc iplayer?

    I dont know. try isohunt maybe?
  3. avatar eddyecb
    try www.surfthechannel.com
  4. avatar TalkShowMan
    If you want to stream it check ninja video or sidereel. If you want to download it I would just google the season and episode number you're after (plus torrent) and look for the usual suspects (mininova and the like). Dunno about you but I use vuze to download torrents, it has a search engine built into it and everything.

    Oh, and while you're at it check out Breaking Bad (just doing my bit to spread the word of another good show).
  5. avatar The Ronster
    [url=http://isohunt.com/torrents/?ihq=the+wire]You could follow this link![/url]

    Any decent torrent client will let you select which files you do and don't want to download.
  6. avatar DontPetABurningDog
    Breaking Bad is bloody excellent. Bryan Cranston is a revelation. I somehow missed out knowing there was a second series, too. Thank you, good sir!
  7. avatar TalkShowMan
    [quote:37f93feab4="DontPetABurningDog"]Breaking Bad is bloody excellent. Bryan Cranston is a revelation. I somehow missed out knowing there was a second series, too. Thank you, good sir![/quote:37f93feab4]

    Glad to be of service. Cranston is jaw-droppingly good, plus the show has been picked up for a third season, huzzah! I envy anyone who hasn't seen this show in the way I envied folks who hadn't seen the wire.

    Apologies for any thread-hijackery, it's just that good.
  8. avatar Orzo
    Must check out Season 2. I watched about 3-4 episodes of the first season but couldn't get into it. Now that Heroes, Dollhouse and a The Unusuals and Terminator has finished (or been cancelled (Unusuals/Terminator), I need something to watch.

    In a further change of thread, since the original question has been answered, why did they cancel Terminator and keep Dollhouse? Terminator had a wider audience albeit both shows had low figures. I know that kind of answers my own question but the figures were steady - a loyal fanbase.
    Same thing happened with Jericho - that was a great show.

    Irritates me that shows like Prison Break and Lost went beyond 2 seasons...
  9. avatar fastfude
  10. avatar clivemcl
    [quote:66c2c98884="Orzo"]Irritates me that shows like Prison Break and Lost went beyond 2 seasons...[/quote:66c2c98884]

    What? Dont diss Prison Break and Lost, they have kept the suspense going brilliantly. Also worth a watch is 24, Greys Anatomy, West Wing, House.

    And i must admit, I'm even up to date with Smallville! lol

    Xtra-Vision do the box sets of most things for 7quid per week!

    No more Eastenders and Hollyoaks, get a decent box set!
  11. avatar tenrabbits
    I know where you can get it J.. I'll PM ya.

    Lost has been great for about 2 and a half seasons now.. and they've actually started explaining stuff! It's not the best thing on TV, but it's certainly one of the most well made and ambitious.

    Oh.. and mad men is class!
  12. avatar churchwarden
    Mad Men is great - defintely worth watching from the start

    Lost could have done with being trimmed back to four or five series, as there have been several parts where I just wanted it to end.... overall worth sticking with (I hope...)

    I also wish they would kill off 24 - after series three it went severely downhill, and when characters come back from the dead you know it is time to bury the show - still fun as Widescreen Loud Explosion / No Plot TV

    Only the Sopranos and the West Wing knew when to end on a high note

    Series 1 of Dexter is worth watching

    as a side note, David Simon (writer of The Wire) is at the Ulster Hall this Sunday)
  13. avatar clivemcl
    I tried watching Dexter but I just found it too disturbing!

    Anyone watching Fringe? Its not too bad, not the best but entertaining enough at times.

    what a month, finales of Scrubs, Prison Break, Lost and 24. I need to fill a few voids! Might give Mad Men a watch.
  14. avatar brojady
    I was just about to suggest fringe. Helps if u are into your sci-fi.

    Another good show is Breaking Bad, 1st season only has a handfull of episodes tho due to the writers strike a while back but well worth a watch.

    You might also want to try Sky Player - sky.com/skyplayer

    But if that dont work you cant beat the likes of

    www.alluc.org or

    File sharing wise try get an invite to a site called www.tvtorrents.com

    They have anything you want really and strict rules about quality etc. So anything you get is top class.
  15. avatar Lap Dog Shuffle
    pirate bay?
  16. avatar supersonicsolos
    Download a program called Graboid . get it all on that
  17. avatar all-is-vanity
    This thread needs a revised edition of the Feline1 rant on the 'Wire'...
  18. avatar Orzo
    On the subject of TV, this has been doing the rounds at the minute.


    I wonder if they're going to take another 7 years to get another album out...
  19. avatar I'mDead
    It bugs me when people gripe about 'Lost'(not that anyone has done so in this thread I realise) because it never explained everything, or tied up the story at the end of season 1. Aside from some weak points in Season 3 (Jack's tattoo episode anyone?) @Lost' has been really entertaining.

    24 has returned to form after the cack last season but just kill Tony Almeida already.

    'Fringe' is really growing on me, but requires one to check their logic at the door before viewing.

    'Heroes' started so well and descending into utter balls.

    Bring back 'The Wonder Years'

    Kill me.
  20. avatar The Ronster
    Lost is incredible. Some of the best Science-Fiction writing TV has ever seen, cleverly disguised as a an action-drama.