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  2. avatar anty2
  3. avatar Strong Reaction
    Yeah, sorry we can't make this. Should be a good night!
  4. avatar andyzsp
    bump for friday

  5. avatar Nocarsgo
    Where will this be on sale apart from the launch?
  6. avatar andyzsp
    contact the band directly above.
  7. avatar Enixs
    Hey! Liam from T.L.E here.

    Cheers for the interest!
    Cd's will be available at all our shows.

    Cant wait for 2nite!

  8. avatar anty2
    we will have cds on sale too, but you may like lazers more as it sounds sexual :D

    www.myspace.com/commonbredtrigger :P
  9. avatar anty2
    whoever didnt come down missed a night of great music. hovercraft pirates were great, team laser explosive were on fire and common bred trigger were awesome