1. avatar daveshorty
    Hi everyone.... Please support us with this! Thanks in advance!


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  2. avatar Nocarsgo
    Awesome, Pocket Billards rock. I'll be there with bells, and a few clothes, on.
  3. avatar thepostboxtheory
    This sounds awesome! Axis Of are really cool live and so are Pocket Billiards.

    I will try my best to get down to this!
  4. avatar himynameissween
    huh. i love finding out that i'm playing a gig through fastfude. it's fun.
  5. avatar That Man Fanjo
    It's also a good idea to donate platelets at your local platelet donation centre.

    [Which is, to all intents and purposes, the City Hospital]

    Two hours of lyin' on your arse, drinking tea and eating biccies. Watching the blood come out, then get pumped back in all clean an' platelet-free an' all.

  6. avatar Persistence
    And registering to be a bone marrow donor helps a lot, too. I'm hoping to do that once I turn 18 - unfortunately I'm too little (stature wise) to donate blood or platelets, which is a bummer.

    On that note, I'm assuming this isn't all ages...if it were, that'd be awesome though. :D Always up for supporting a good cause.
  7. avatar himynameissween
    alas thanks to constant tattooing i can't donate blood...but happy to play/donate money for the cause!
  8. avatar loveisthelaw
    I'll try to get to this, good cause and good music. I've had a few friends that suffered this terrible disease and thankfully, they all surived and are living healthy and happy lifes
  9. avatar Spacebat
  10. avatar exportsimsie
    Yes yes yes sweenie. Stop your moaning I might have been a bit pissed when I agreed to this one and maybe there's the smallest possibility that I forgot to tell you and jamie.

    Should be a great gig tho. Roll it on.
  11. avatar MarkNumskull
    This will be a brilliant gig, with an amazing lineup (esp Snitch! who iv heard are just utterly amazing talented young men) and its for a great cause too. We're gonna promote the hell outta this one so expect to have a poster slapped on your face and flyer inserted in any orifice shorty can get his greasey mit.
  12. avatar blacker
    sounds like this'll be a very good gig! on the other point, are there any restrictions on donating platelets or marrow & the like? i know that due to piercing/tattoos etc not everyone can always give blood (also been told if you have ever taken coke, though i'm not sure there's a lot of truth in that..). would happily donate almost anything if i thought it could help.

    on still another point (for those still with me..) are snitch! & radio blast worth going early for? haven't heard of them at all yet.
  13. avatar MarkNumskull
    Iv had a look into it and found this link, there doesnt seem to be any restrictions on marrow transplants, though im sure there must be some.


    With regards to Radio blast and Snitch, why not check out the myspaces - www.myspace.com/snitchband and www.myspace.com/radioblastpunk. I for one say yes they are definatly worth coming down early for as they are brilliant (though im in Snitch so you could call me biased).
  14. avatar himynameissween
    i'm not in snitch, and i can tell you that one of their singers, one david shortland, has herpes, the rest of the band are riddled with syphilis, and they all sleep with farm animals.

    (i am, however in radio blast.)

  15. avatar Jim Cava
    [quote:d58428fbb1="blacker"]i know that due to piercing/tattoos etc not everyone can always give blood (also been told if you have ever taken coke, though i'm not sure there's a lot of truth in that..)

    You cant give blood here if you have done any intra-nasal drugs.Ever.
    At least that was the case 2 years ago.
  16. avatar danbastard
    If you have ever taken coke, EVER, you cannot give blood or sperm samples, breathe properly, operate as a respectable member of society, speak without dribbling or control your bladder.
  17. avatar Gogs
    You can, however, control other peoples' bladders using your mind.
  18. avatar daveshorty
  19. avatar ccwfc
    My first post!
    Ill hopefully be there!:)
  20. avatar Maggotmoore
    Will defo try and get down to this, a cause close to my heart too...
  21. avatar daveshorty
    snitch will be joined briefly on stage by a very very special guest (all the pop punkers should start wetting themselves in anticipation) so make sure you're down early!
  22. avatar MarkNumskull
    Bumpety Bumpety
  23. avatar sazchops
    wee bump. this is gonna be a great gig! :)
  24. avatar himynameissween
    bump. i'll be joined on stage by my penis. his name is simsie.
  25. avatar exportsimsie
    and a good day to you too
  26. avatar daveshorty
    One day to go!
    Everyone remember to head down and support this!
  27. avatar himynameissween
    http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2030613&id=1207528604&saved#/event.php?eid=111869706022 - for those of you on facebook, invite people! go ooooon!
  28. avatar daveshorty
    Cool, apparently this is advertised in the current Hot Press.
    Not that that's any good to you cus if you're reading this you already know about it... just wanted to brag.
  29. avatar daveshorty
    Wee peak-time bump! Tomorrow night!
  30. avatar daveshorty
  31. avatar daveshorty
    Doors at 8pm,
    First band at 9pm.

    First 15 people in get a free cd!!

    (Benefit compilation on sale tonight, featuring a track from each band performing, with all proceeds going to the charity)
  32. avatar daveshorty
  33. avatar himynameissween
    [quote:b5610c1000="daveshorty"]THE FINAL BUMP[/quote:b5610c1000]nah this is.
  34. avatar daveshorty
    Thanks to everyone who came down! We raised a kickass amount and had a great night!!
  35. avatar himynameissween
    i'd like to extend my thanks to the fucker who apparently went into my gig bag and stole my guitar lead. if you want to borrow something, ask first.

    also thanks to the delightfully sensible person who set a pile of cymbals and a snare directly onto the head of my bass as it sat on the place where the equipment was.
  36. avatar exportsimsie
    fuckin right. This was a great gig. Cheers for everyone for coming down. Radio Blast had a class wee time and the bands and crowd were fantastic.

    Cheers Shorty.

  37. avatar Dolbro Dan
    potty mouth mr.simms...;) yeh all those cds and stickers were a nice touch! The 'Blast and Snitch were on fire! A good time was had by all. Apart from Sweeny of course.
  38. avatar himynameissween
    [quote:d38031aa5d="Dolbro Dan"]potty mouth mr.simms...;) yeh all those cds and stickers were a nice touch! The 'Blast and Snitch were on fire! A good time was had by all. Apart from Sweeny of course.[/quote:d38031aa5d]don't get me wrong, i had a great time! just kinda dampened by the thievery!