1. avatar lincsman
    we're a new band and are playing our first gig at ronnie drews 13/06/09 8pm onwards, we're putting the night on ourselves so will be hiring a pa etc but we're looking for a support band for the night, we'll be charging 2 quid entry on the night to cover the cost of hiring the pa if any money left over, then will be able to split evenly between the support band and us. (sorry this could probably have been a lot shorter)
  2. avatar silvercord
    Hey guys, we'd be up for anything sure:

    www.bebo.com/silvercordmusic is probably our most up to date site at the minute

    Hopefully hear back from you's if you consider us, and sure PM the details if you like what you hear, good luck guys

    Chris Silvercord
  3. avatar clivemcl
    C64 as in Commodore? I used to have one of those! haha. What kind of music do you guys play? support should probably be similar(ish)
  4. avatar lincsman
    lol nice one at least someone gets the reference lmao indie/rock, clash, beatles, oasis etc
  5. avatar lincsman