1. avatar Benny Fyfe
    One of the best shows on TV for years. Some of the theories coming out of this are fascinating. We all (well, most of us) know that we come from Africa but did any of us know that 10% of recently "indigenous" Europeans are descended from a batch of a couple of hundred people who made it to Saudi Arabia.
    Plus did you know the theories of why white people are white, black people are black, etc. Bloody fascinating.
    What peeved me last Sunday is that Dr Alice Roberts sort of skirted around the reason why the Neanderthals went into decline. I mean, yeah, we had a greater sense of community and therefore a wider communicative skills but I wanted to know if we actually kicked their asses physically, by force of numbers or disease or whatnot. Well, we still don't know. Bah!
    It still brilliant viewing though.
  2. avatar fopp
    S'alright, I enjoyed the other one more that was on bbc in (I think) 2000, "Ape-man. Adventures in evolution".