1. avatar Desus
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  2. avatar Lucy Lu
    ah great :)

    I love the Cribs.
  3. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    were great last time - hopefully without the nme support this time!
  4. avatar adamb1026
    Excellent, great way to spend a Tuesday night :)

    Fantastic at the NME tour.

    Im a bit sceptical about this whole Johnny Marr thing, but we'll see :)
  5. avatar Desus
  6. avatar Desus
    Adam Green confirmed as support.

    [i:ce731e3836]New Yorker singer-songwriter Adam Green has been confirmed as support on the Cribs September/October UK Tour. The former Mouldy Peaches co-founder has enjoyed success in his own solo career since releasing first album "Garfield" in 2002. Green has toured extensively throughout Europe and the US with a number of his friends, including, The Strokes. [/i:ce731e3836]

  7. avatar zuma
    I fucking love Adam Green
  8. avatar Desus
    The Cribs reveak new album title as 'Ignore The Ignorant'.

    The album, the first recorded with guitarist Johnny Marr as part of the band, will be released on September 7 and will be preceded by a single, 'Cheat On Me', on August 31.

  9. avatar Desus
    Front cover of NME this week and new single here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R56d_vjrj9M
  10. avatar Nocarsgo
    Safe to say, this is 18+ right?
  11. avatar Desus
    Tallulah Does The Hulah have been confirmed as the opening act for this.

    That's a great bill!!

    Still tickets left for this. 'Ignore The Ignorant' went in at Number 8 in its first week.
  12. avatar kevinfreeburn
    great stuff, i love that Talula Does The Hula single but was away when they played belfast last month. absolutely loving every single song on the new cribs album at the moment
  13. avatar Desus
    Tonight folks. There will be tickets available on the door as well, or you can nip into Queens today and buy from the reception desk.
  14. avatar noelyg05
    Any stage times dee?
  15. avatar Desus
    Doors 8pm
    TDTH 8.30-9.00pm
    Adam Green - 9.15pm-9.45pm
    The Cribs 10.15-
  16. avatar anty2
    still hurting that I didnt pick Jesus Lizard over this but they didnt dissapoint. City of bugs closer made the night for me :)

    johnny marribo :D
  17. avatar gerry norman
    I went to see Adam Green and he changed my whole perspective on shit. He was unbelievable. Nice to see that music doesn't have to be taken seriously all the time.

    Talula were great too. Really love what they're doing and think they will be picked up v.soon by a big label.

    Not big on the Cribs. Bit too stlyish for me but they do have a few good anthems. Jonny Marr just looks kinda funny on the stage with them.