1. avatar flynnad
    Basically, I have some big plans. I play guitar pretty well and want to form a band influenced by the likes of the Mars Volta, Opeth, Meshuggah, Dillinger, King Crimson, Miles Davis' 70's output.

    I can sing and can play lead, I'm looking rhythm guitars, drummer, bass, and brass players if possible, it would be great to just jam with good players and work towards some targets. I have rehearsal space and can also pick up people/drive if necessary.
  2. avatar loveisthelaw
    You've got a PM
  3. avatar mattdowie92
    My first post!
    Hey i'd be interested in playing guitar for you and i know a good bassist who could be interested.
    I could play rhythm but i'm pretty good at lead too.
  4. avatar hybrid_of_steel
    PM'd YOU!!!
    if you dont get the PM sure i basically said that ive been looking for a band like this for ages. im very much interested and I play guitar. aged 22 from belfast.