1. avatar kagura


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  2. avatar the_doctor199
    16th May? Err..
  3. avatar kagura
    WHOOPS! Problem solved!

    Needless to say, I need to get more sleep.
  4. avatar the_doctor199
    My calender says 16th is a Tuesday?
  5. avatar kagura
    it takes me a while, but i get there in the end :-)
  6. avatar Deestroyer
    I really like that poster.
  7. avatar kagura
    this tuesday! :)
  8. avatar Deadlights
    I can't wait for this!

    I am literally counting down the hours...

  9. avatar dum_dum
    My first post!
    Ohhh agreed, that is a nice poster. Haven't seen it up anywhere though :/

    Sounds good, I might go.

    Think ive seen deadlights before in the pavilion, but I cant be sure.