1. avatar jobby
    Hi all! We've got a single due out on 19th June called "This is not ok". We're makin a video for it and filming it this Sunday. We need 50 to be in the video for the idea to work. Obviously these people will be in the video aswell. Alls u gotta do is show up at Waterloo place, Derry this Sunday with ur camera phone or a digital camera. There's no acting involved. Just a case of people standin round watchin the band. The only catch is we need everyone to be there for 6am to shoot the thing before shops open and people are about. Also we can't pay anybody because were skint but there'll be something for everyone as a token of our appreciation.
    I know it's not a very attractive offer at the minute but it'll be good craic, something different and hopefully a nice thing to be apart of. its Seamy Hannigan makin it for us and hes got a pretty cool idea for the video.

    If anyone would like to be involved in this please contact me at:


    Cheers guys!!