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    The noise factory is comprised of two entities, Noise studios run by Stephen Caldwell and the promotional side that goes under the noise factory name, run by Paul Sandy and Stephen Caldwell.

    Noise Studios is a recording company set up by Stephen, and has already worked with his own band Death Warrant, recording their first album 'While the world sleeps', which the band are delighted with. Other artists such as Hybris are named to record here soon. Stephen has years of experience in this field of work writing and recording all his own work for his personal side project Stephen Caldwell. Albums such as Serenity and Nightless show of his talent to its full. He has completed a HND course and has completed a course with the princes trust in this field.

    The Design side of things is run by Paul Sandy. He has just finish a degree at the University of Ulster in design and communication, and has produced designs for his band Death Warrant, from CD cover right threw the whole branding process of website, myspace and t-shirts.

    We offer full recording of any band/artists wanting an industry quality sound and look at an affordable price. Bands/artists can chose to just record or to have our design studio produce everything from their Cd cover to their website.

    For a quote please don't hesitate to contact us at:


    The Noise Factory promotions was set up to primarily get bands from all over Ireland to come and play in Derry with the local talent to showcase the music scene in Derry.