1. avatar jesso
    Hey folks,
    I know I'm not living in the North at the moment, but I go there a lot, so I fell like its ok for me to post here!
    After much blood sweat and tears, my new album is finished.
    Its kinda like Depeche Mode meets Blade Runner and the Magnetic Fields....
    All I'm looking for are a few myspace friends and a few opinions on the tunes that I've posted on the myspace page... If you have the time or inclination!
    The link:



  2. avatar JTM
    The production is good, the vocals are solid, the melodies are nice as well, but the lyrics on the first track, (in my opinion at least) weren't great.

    The second track is quite nice but the production sounds a little flat, but that's only a very minor complaint, I liked the chords and the textures.

    Nice work, thanks for posting.
  3. avatar jesso
    Cheers Jtm!
    It's been well over a year since I finished the album, and with the benefit of hindsight...... I'd have to agree that some of the lyrics are a tiny bit dodge.
    Thanks very much for the feedback!

  4. avatar Paul 106
    Man, I don't normally like electronic music but you're stuff was pretty cool. Kind of reminded me of Beck. I really liked the change in the first song at about 50 seconds, it was really cool. Keep it up man. Have you set up a youtube yet?