1. avatar Allan
    Hey guys!!

    Just wanting you to go check out the dance remix of the acoustic song from our album on the myspace. It was done by a good friend of the band's called Andy McConville, aka Dangerpop!!

    Check the new blog entry too!!


    Hope You Enjoy!! :)
  2. avatar JTM
    Very nice. Have you seen [url=http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=34777][u:3ce42f0eb5]this thread?[/u:3ce42f0eb5][/url] You should submit this track to that guy.
  3. avatar thepostboxtheory
    That new track is awesome.

    You should put it up for free download or something? Just an idea.
  4. avatar seanTYB
    i like it. Good job.