1. avatar wyldscallions
  2. avatar drive by fader
    Fun times indeed :)
  3. avatar drive by fader
    Just a reminder...

    It's a nice evening and the Pavilion sells Franziskaner so this event contains all the ingredients of a good night.

    Oh, and all the bands are fabulous too!
  4. avatar yodaISgreen
    very impressed by the bands. all of an amazing caliber.
  5. avatar clss_act_00
    Subplots were a fantastic surprise, excellent band, very creative but easy to get into. Very impressed. Panda's were great as always, missed the first band
  6. avatar wyldscallions
    Bit of a disappointing number of punters but a good night all the same.

    As usual Subplots were astoundingly good. I would really encourage everyone to go and see them the next time they come up to Belfast, or at the very least buy their album.

    The Flora, The Fauna impressed me hugely too, and I intend on seeing a lot more of them when possible.
  7. avatar tenrabbits
    Were the subplots called envelope before? I saw them in Dublin years ago and was blown away by them, amazing vocalist too.
  8. avatar wyldscallions
    Yes, that was them. There may have been a change in drummer since you last saw them. I loved them back then but since that change they've really taken another huge step forward to be honest. They're all very talented chaps.

    Unfortunately they don't have a huge profile up north but hopefully next time Subplots play here there will be a good number of people.

    Again, to the uninitiated, I can't recommend them highly enough.
  9. avatar clss_act_00
    Listen to the man, he speaks the truth. Hugely impressed by those guys!