1. avatar the_doctor199
    Black Stone Cherry playing Spring and Airbrake on October 11th!
  2. avatar Sadoldgit
    oh good!
  3. avatar ciara606
    sweet! hopefully chris will be able to make up for having a sore throat last time :D
  4. avatar jackryan
    Last time when they played the Limelight was one of the best nights of my band playing life. Getting to share the stage with them! Guys where sound too - John Fred really went out of his way to talk to us and make us feel at home. You really have no idea how exhausted and homesick the guys where.

    They promised they would come back and put on a bigger show with Chris on top form and I have no doubt they will blow the roof off S&A.
  5. avatar Devilspain
    didnt they say they would play 2.5 hour set?? :O:O
  6. avatar The Limelight
    Tonight Spring & Airbrake

    Doors 8pm

    The Parlour Mob 8:45 - 9:30pm

    BLACK STONE CHERRY 10 - 12pm