1. avatar ZZ TOO
  2. avatar distracted
    Ha, great! Watched the ZZ Top Live From Texas DVD last night - looking forward to this, should be fun :D
  3. avatar ZZ TOO
    Cheers distracted...loads of similar e-mails off our site...we're looking forward to it too!

    Tres Hombres :smt028
  4. avatar ZZ TOO
  5. avatar huggy baps
    Hopefully your moustache's stay on this time..
  6. avatar ZZ TOO
  7. avatar zebulon
    It's always nice to be quoted. I'll be along on the 13th. And why not. There's still some hollerin' along to be done. And some tube snake boogiein'.
  8. avatar ZZ TOO
    Cheers Zeb!
    Bring a posse...beards and cheap sunglasses optional...boogiein' is however, compulsory!! :smt028

    Tres Hombres
  9. avatar ZZ TOO
    :smt026 :smt038 :smt030 :smt041 :smt079
    ...quick warm-up everybody for the tube-snake boogie...

    Tres Hombres
  10. avatar The Dark One
    Sweet. I was quoted twice!

    Looking forward to this Texan treat.
    I was fortunate enough to experience the real thing in Vancouver last year and ZZ Too's sound was pretty spot on.
    I'm not known for my ringing endorsements of tribute acts but I'll make an exception for these guys.

    It's 2 days before my birthday but might make it my official birthday evening.
  11. avatar ZZ TOO
    ...hey Amigos...why siesta when you can FIESTA!!

    Tres Hombres

  12. avatar ZZ TOO

  13. avatar ZZ TOO

    Tres Hombres
    :smt028 :smt028 :smt028
    Dizzy(Ribbons) Rusty(Pill) Hank(Weird)
  14. avatar ZZ TOO
    :smt015 ...Hey,Dizzy...wake up man...it's Fiesta time!
  15. avatar The Dark One
    Almost time to hoist on the blue jeans and indulge in a backdoor love affair at La Grange.

    I just got paid today and with that pocket full of change I shall be beer drinking and hell raising.

    At the Pav.

    What time you guys coming on to be hot, blue and righteous?
  16. avatar ZZ TOO
    Senior Dark...just as soon as the sharp dressed men, who've been bad and nationwide, can get back from baby's...they'll be under pressure driving while blind 'cause of them cheap sunglasses...but they're still looking for some tush...so, sometime after 10pm...gracias amigo...
    Hey, we heard it on the X that you're havin' the birthday type fiesta...have a great one on us!

    Tres Hombres
  17. avatar The Dark One
    Muchos gracias.
  18. avatar ZZ TOO
    So...have only just heard...but we want to say thanks to whoever it was who contacted that well known amigo...Gerry A. on Radio Ulster earlier this week to tell him how great the show was and that ZZ Too are in sunny Ahoghill next month!(See gig listing)

    Cheers amigo!

    Tres Hombres