1. avatar Dazfloor
    I bought an oxegen weekend camping ticket a while ago but I dont think im gonna go.. The ticket hasnt been posted out yet.. and I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me, Id like to sell it but I dont wanna sell it too early.. I have no idea if theyve sold out or anything.

    Obviously I cant sell it until the ticket arrives!
  2. avatar the_doctor199
    The tickets sold out really fast as always, you'll easily sell it a few weeks before the gig, making a bit of a profit also.
  3. avatar glitxysadie
  4. avatar TheNightMonkey
  5. avatar izzys_return
    Just sell it face value, let someone enjoy it! If you end up waiting and selling cheap dont say I didnt give good advice ;-)
  6. avatar the animal
    Having been in this situation last year id definately agree with TheNightMonkey. The usual internet sites will more than likely be saturated with Oxegen tickets in the weeks running up to the event, theres a lot of people thinking they'll make a profit after buying multiple tickets.

    Best advice is to sell it now at face value, otherwise you could be looking at a fair loss if you leave it longer.
  7. avatar Jim Cava
  8. avatar Sir Bob Gelding
    asking for advice on making a quick buck won't endear yourself to many on here. Just find the nearest muck savage in his county top and take his da's EU subsidy money as soon as possible.
  9. avatar dommccann
    the original poster did say anything about making a profit. i think people just assumed that he's out to make some quicks bucks. i'll give him the ol' benefit of the..
  10. avatar Dazfloor
    Life is a lemon and I want my money back!