1. avatar The Fires of Hell
    Just wondering what people make of this now it's been a month or two. I didnt initially like it, but spinning it repeatedly the last couple of nights, it's really clicked. I think there's a lot of Exciter in it and nods to Playing The Angel as well, both cool albums as far as DM in the modern age go. Apart from the obvious Wrong highlight, I think Little Soul and Fragile Peace are great. Thoughts?
  2. avatar ole101
    i think its a fantastic album, and yes, i totally agree, it took me about 5 or 6 listens for it to click. Unlike Playing the angel which has alot of standout singles, other than Wrong, this is very much an album that mixes perfectly from track to track without even knowing the song has changed.

    Great album, lets hope Dave Gahan gets better soon and can carry on with the tour.
  3. avatar mkelly
    I thought it was a lot more like Dave Gahan's last solo album, which is a good thing, as his solo album was fantastic IMO.