1. avatar rockin59
    P.A available for club and pub gigs.
  2. avatar fastfude
    Anyone want to write a guide to "Your First Post On The InterTubes"?
  3. avatar TheJebs
    Well i have found a personal assistant is always helpful
    at gigs, helps you up the stairs, find the bar, works out how to program the drummer etc etc.
    Either that or its some new band looking for their big break, what with it being available for Pub/Club gigs

    If its a public address (PA geddit) it might be helpful to let the loverly punters on here know what you have, in part to satisfy some sorta gear envy or even maybe get some money is some 'you lend us kit we give you money' kinda exchange.
    Who knows what happens on the fude.
    I am now happily barricading myself in for the undoubted slagging match that will ensue
  4. avatar rockin59
    Small pa available with sound guy for club and bar gigs. Tops,bass bins,monitors and desk.Based in Newtownabbey.Will travel.
  5. avatar unplugged
    what spec is the system?
  6. avatar rockin59
    300 watt,20 channel,24 bit stereo fx, eq.10, 15 & 18 inch bass bins.