1. avatar The Stav
    I'm thinkin of headin down to Warrenpoint for the aul blues festival, but i'm a bit short on cash. Anyone any ideas for cheap/free accommodation, or could anyone offer me a lift? There'd be a few cans in it for ya! I don't even know who's playing, but it was class last year and the year before. All the bars have great blues blastin out for free. Any details of the line-up would be appreciated!
  2. avatar stevie j

    There's a programme, I recommend Hat Fitz, the Deans, Red Hot Roosters, Grainne Duffy and Ronnie Greer.

    Don't know much of accommodation but Kilbrony camp site is just down the road if you don't mind camping.
  3. avatar The Stav
    Nice one mate, that's just what I was after! Looks like a crackin bill this year. Hat Fitz is awesome.
    Camping sounds like a good option, if I can persuade a pretty young lady to share her sleeping bag!
    Probably get a park bench again then...